Monday, April 01, 2019


MONDAY.   I love Mondays.  Everyone is usually out and I've got the house to myself.

Today, Brylee is home as she has an afternoon shift at work.

That's OK, she will sleep most of the morning anyway.

I'm going to fluff around the house, getting it all nice and tidy... then I shall probably do some sewing. 

SEWING... oh yes!  Here's the 'new' rooms all done and ready to rock 'n' roll:

 ABOVE:  The 'Lay out & Fabric Room'.  When we have visitors, we can put three single mattresses on the floor.  Like a sleep over!  The little kids will love it.

Awww shit, I'll have to move that little wooden unit ..... meh, I'm sure I'll find a spot to put it.

ABOVE:  My 'new' Sewing Room.  YES, I know I've been in here before, but it's NEW this year!

NOW I can swing a cat in BOTH rooms, and I'm not cramped at all.  So happy.

Remember me showing you Stew doing a 'job' for me yesterday?  

ABOVE:  Well... that's what he made for me.  A new thread holder.  Whoop whoop!  Cost us the price of some nails (approx $10).  The other one was purchased for about $75!  Thanks Darling

I am going to be getting a 2nd ironing board and iron, as I will need one in the sewing room AND the lay out room.   I'm not lugging fabric/projects from room to room just to press a seam.

OOooo that reminds me.  I will make a new ironing board cover today I think.  The old one is shit, thin as buggery and useless.  I have been putting it off for AGES, time to pull finger and just do it.

And that's me for now... catch ya later.


Well... not so on my own as I thought.  Griffin is home from school today.  Sick.  Or it's raining and he slept in.  Meh.

I finished this:

ABOVE:  Another small Wonky House 'Mat'.

ABOVE:  I remembered I had a small travel iron and board... so I don't need to buy a new large iron and ironing board just yet.  This will do in the meantime.

And now... back to it.

Well the new ironing board cover has taken me a bit longer than I thought it  would, mostly cos I was mucking around.  I wanted to use a pretty fabric with a white background, but after much hunting through my stash, I realised I had none long enough!

So I had to use a basic white.


 ABOVE:  Old cover... the padding was paper thin and falling to bits!  

ABOVE: New cover.
And now I'm gunna lay out some wonky house coasters I think.  I've got just under two weeks to have some cute new stock for the next Cambridge Trash & Treasure market.

10.39 pm:  finished sewing for the day.  Off to bed shortly.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. It looks great Chris. The space being right for working in is so important!

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM


    Is Brylee enjoying her new job?


    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      I am really enjoying my job. The residents are lovely, and the staff are really nice. From Brylee

    2. Great to hear Brylee

  3. I guessed Stew was making cotton reel holders.... it looks FAB, Christy xxxx

  4. Anonymous9:58 PM

    That is great Brylee


  5. Oh erm I do hope you don't have to buy another house just for sewing stuff lol


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