Sunday, April 21, 2019


I'm almost at the point where I can actually start putting some paint on canvas!

I've watched a gazillion 'how to' videos, I've got 90% of the supplies I need, not much else to do/get ... and I can do it!

This morning we will be picking up the 'new to us' shelving unit, then I will have somewhere to lay wet canvas's.  

Until I can buy some long plastic sheeting, I will just put glad wrap down the front of the shelving unit to keep dust etc off the wet paint.  That should work for now.

Griffin has work today, but Brylee does not.  She's off till Tuesday.

In fact, it's a BIG day for her!  She's out tonight... meeting HIS parents.  Another first for our girl!  They are having a 'Pot Luck Dinner'... she had NO IDEA what to take.  We didn't think a tin of spaghetti would cut it!

Just so ya know, spaghetti in a can is Brylee's 'go to' meal every day!  Lunch or Dinner, if she has to feed herself, that's what she has 95% of the time!

So anyway, we suggested she take Garlic Bread, Brandy Snaps and cream.  Sorted.

Now.... yesterday I gave Steve a bag of 'Sour' lollies (sweets/candy) that I got when I was down in Palmerston North recently.

I got some that were 'behind the counter' ones... the ones they won't sell to children cos they are just TOO SOUR.

And Steve tried one yesterday :

 ABOVE:  mission accomplished!  He actually gagged, went red and I think some tears came to his eyes too!!!  

ABOVE:  I SAID 'SMILE' .... *sigh*.  He's his father's son.  Such a buffoon. 

ABOVE:  The latest freakin' sore bit of me.  Hopefully it feels better soon, I need to catch up on some walks now.

And... that's all for now.  I'll be back later.


1 pm:  And for the 2nd time, what was 'advertised' on Pay It Forward was not QUITE what ya got.
Like the standard lamp which didn't go, this is the shelving unit we got:

ABOVE: It is literally falling to bits!
BUT... we can still use it, Stew just needs to do some 'doctoring'.
And alter it a bit to make it fit for purpose.

While he's doing that, I've done a bit of sewing.  Made a couple more larger soup bowl cosy's.
With the girls keeping me company on their new platform.  They seem to be enjoying the different view of the neighbours from there too.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Got this photo of the sun streaming through clouds yesterday.  Aside from the pesky lamp post, it's cool.

Now... back to me sewing.

DOGSTARS:  Sorry Chick... I'm not quite 'there' yet!  I'm one of those people who have to get everything 'JUST RIGHT' before I start something.

So, until I've got everything I need, and the set up right, I can't do any painting.

I'm not far off though, hang in there!

I'm about to sort out how to video my first ever attempt too!

Today has been about getting a shelving unit set up for canvas's to dry on.  And we now have that sorted.

ABOVE: After Stew tried doctoring the wooden shelving unit, we realised it wasn't going to work as the shelves were not level and bowed. So, instead of buying another one ... we decided to take a good one from the garage and replace it with the wooden one.

That meant another little shuffle around of stuff, but all good.  Killed more spiders.  Been doing that a lot lately!  *smiles*

Now the good, solid metal shelving unit is in my sewing room (in a dead corner) and I'm almost ready to go.

Maybe by tomorrow afternoon?  I still have about 4 things to get from various shops tomorrow... but, it's getting exciting!

OLD MOO:  What on earth are you doing reading a post that is 8 years old? I will talk to you about it at some point.

8.20 pm:  Time to call it a day.  I'm making myself crazy watching yet more You Tube videos on painting!  There's got to be at least a dozen different ways to do acrylic pour painting!
No idea where I am going to start!

So, time to just STOP watching paint videos, and relax doing some harmless TV watching.


  1. Ouch! Great Pics of the kiddos! I want to see some painting! Maybe even videos (nudge nudge hint hint)

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Trying again kayjay

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Looks like the kids had a good day. They look very happy to have chocolate 😂

  4. Such gorgeous looking kids - even when someone is being an idiot!! That toe looks sore - I swear, once we hit 60 we become more clumsy and heal slower :(

  5. Humm Dee Dooo - where is the paint?

  6. LOL The suspense is killing me. Did she ever paint? I'm sure I'll find out, I was only 11 posts behind lol

  7. The kids are too cute, that do hurts toes and falling objects swear words a plenty.


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