Monday, April 08, 2019


Last Friday Steve was working in Hamilton, so was able to pick up the two single beds we no longer needed.
And his kids are thrilled to bits, especially young Archer ... who desperately wanted to get out of the 'baby cot' he was still sleeping in.

Now he has a 'big boy bed'.

ABOVE:  Archer and Keera in their new beds, and Dante and Archer on Archer's bed.  Don't they both look so happy.

Today... I'm going to do some much needed housework this morning... then once Brylee is home from work we are going into Hamilton.
She needs new work shoes... ones that are comfortable and practical.

I also need to get more white and black fabric for the runners.  And cottons... OMG I'm going through so much black cotton!

One of the biggest jobs this morning involves these:

ABOVE:  I noticed some of these little caterpillars crawling on the kitchen walls.  I'm like ... eeeewwww!  Where the hell are they coming from?

So last night Stew and I hunted them down.  And Stew found an unsecured bag of pumpkin seeds up in the pantry, INFESTED with them!
Gross.  Gross. Gross.  *shudder*

So we hauled them out, spayed and emptied the top of the pantry... and this morning I will be taking EVERYTHING out of the pantry and cleaning it to within an inch of it's life. 

 But I will wait... cos Lacy is coming out this morning and she can give me a hand!  She's coming out primarily to help groom the dogs ears and tails... she's so much better at it than me!  OK, OK.. I just hate doing it really.  Bending over them kills me back.

I've tried doing them on the kitchen bench, but the little buggers squirm too much, and I'm scared they will fall off the bench.  So Lacy does it for me. She's good like that.

Righty ho... I'm off to get some washing on, make the bed, vacum, sweep the floors, wash the floors.... bla bla bla!


 ABOVE:  First thing... down to the supermarket to buy some of these!

 ABOVE:  Then out everything came... and that job took me two friggin hours!!!  Cos I went over everything to make sure I caught all the little bastard caterpillars! 
And there were heaps.
I feel violated, and disgusting!

ABOVE:  all clean... and of course, I then had to clean all the cupboards AROUND there too... and the top of the cupboards, and the fridge, and the oven.... and well... let's just say I will be in the kitchen ALL GODDAM DAY.  Cleaning.

And reorganising the cupboards.

OMG what did those freakin' caterpillars/moths start???

It's not bloody SPRING cleaning time.

Oh and here's a tip.... ya know how the tops of kitchen cupboards get all covered in grease?  Use SUGAR SOAP! OMG that shit is AMAZING.   It cleans that shit off  so fast.  

 ABOVE:  Coco basking in the sun.... while Marley got her ears and tail done... Coco thought she was safe.

ABOVE:  Ha ha!  Nah.  Lacy is a godsend when it comes to this job. 

And now... back to it. 

ABOVE:  Taa daaa... done! And yes, that is Lacy head first in a cupboard, wiping it out for me.  I should have given her a push... lol!

ABOVE:  She happily burnt all the carboard boxes that came out of the pantry.  

And now... I'm gunna get ear bud cleaners and clean out the little holes where you can adjust shelves... JUST IN CASE THERE'S GREEBLIES IN THERE TOO.

Did that, then went into Hamilton to get more black and white fabric and thread.

Home by 4.30  and I'm exhausted!  I just wiped over the last remaining kitchen cupboard doors and the garage door... today has been manic on cleaning!

But now I'm done.  My fingers hurt from all the cleaning products.  Tomorrow on my job I will be wearing gloves.

Today I have done approx 7 hours of solid cleaning in my kitchen!!!  Like right now, you could lick my floor, it's that clean.
But it really wouldn't be a good look eh.  ha ha ha!

8.53 pm:  Well... it's been a long day and I'm just about ready for bed!  Probably only last another hour or so before heading off to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Maria6:55 AM

    I've just been dealing with these little buggers too. It was some old cereal they were eating at my place. They were in the cracks between shelves etc in the end I bought sealant as I don't want to have them there again and I'm still using moth traps and getting plenty. Never had this happen before is a real pain.

  2. Maria6:57 AM

    PS I had to get rid of any cardboard from the pantry too as the moths like to lay their eggs on it.

  3. Ugh, I have had those bloody pantry moths a few times. The traps do seem to make a big difference.

  4. I just saw a lady on instagram say that they LOVE hiding in the little drilled holes that are used for adjusting the shelf height and that you should use tea tree oil soaked on an ear bud to clear out all the little holes as they can bred in those. Also that they like the little crevices that you get between the plastic lid and container so if you didn't check all the lids that they can be hiding there too.

    1. EWW!! I did not know that about the shelf holes. Have had to clean them out of the tupperware lids in the past!!

    2. Lacy is doing a great job :-)


  5. ughhhh hate those little buggers....reminds me its a job to go on my list of never ending ones!!

  6. Liking Lacy hair ick I rember when I found Ants in my pantry

  7. Lacy Harvey5:45 PM

    #sugarsoap 😂 💯✔️

  8. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Lacy would be a great partner in your cleaning business, she’s such a hard worker, Jo

  9. Wow, reading these comments - I've never even heard of these but will be checking my cupboards. I keep everything in sealed containers but have read they breed in the packs before you bring them home. Yuk! Yes, Lacy would be great to team up with for your cleaning!

  10. I had never heard of them either, until last year. My mom’s neighbor ended up having to have her kitchen taken apart because they had gotten in the walls behind the cupboards. Terrible problem.

  11. Yuck I hate bugs in the cupboard. We get these weird black rice looking bugs sometimes.

  12. My mum had them in their pantry in Sydney creepy crawly wrigglers ewwwww.


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