Saturday, April 13, 2019


So... all the things I wanted to get done in the past week, to get ready for Market tomorrow will have to get done today.

Painting the board and stand must get done today.
And I really want to make a white fabric cover for the screen too.
I doubt I will get a chance to do any more Wonky House Runner sewing though!

Last night Stew put up my new paper towel holder :

ABOVE: I had to move the 'EQUIVALENT' wall hanging.  I think it looks great there though.  

Lower back ache ... Oh My Lord it's been a bit horrible lately.  I really think I need to get me a decent pillow to use overnight!
I'm thinking about a pregnancy pillow!  They look perfect for the purpose.

I had a look on Trade Me, there's quite a few different sorts, and prices.  

Anyone used one?  Opinions? Thoughts?

So... I'll leave that in your court ... I'm off to paint that stand and board.  Catch ya later.


2.33 pm:  And it's been all go here.  

ABOVE:  Bit of role reversal going on here... The man of the house is baking, and I'm spray painting!

After I did the painting I did another trial 'set up' for the market.  I want to use the screen better, so I've made a white sheet covering for it.
That meant setting the trestle tables up differently, and we found the small, rectangular table didn't fit the space, it was too long with the two other, bigger trestles.

So we went on the hunt, ended up in Hamilton, and finally found the perfect trestle table.  A small square one, fits the allocated space perfectly:

ABOVE: The new table is under the striped table cloth.  I'm really happy with how the white stand came up on top of it too.  Looks way better white.

ABOVE: Stew tidying up the end of that white stand.  After that, he go to do his baking!  lol

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist pinning some of the Wonky House Runners on to see how they would look. 
Awesome, of course! *smiles*

And now... I'm taking a break.  Then I might get another Small Runner sewn, if I'm lucky.

And Nah, I decided not to sew... I doubt I will sell out of anything tomorrow!  It's going to be 3 degrees overnight, so tomorrow morning is going to be bloody COLD.
I am going to sort out my clothes for the morning, making sure I've got thermals on and me new UGG Boots and warm socks!

Bet I'm going to be bitching like ... a bitch tomorrow! lol

Time to sign off... and just relax for a few hours.


  1. Poor Stew lol he won't get close in flashes will be dreadful with all the pillow around u wonder if a tri pillow might work

  2. What about seeing an osteopath? That't the only thing that's ever helped me with my back!

  3. I sleep with two king size regular bed pillows stuffed together in one zip pillow cover so it is very firm.

    One of my girls sleeps with two body (long) pillows stuffed together in one zip pillow cover so it is very firm.

  4. My shoes make ALL the difference with my back. I am in high quality gym shoes with added arch support and I rotate them regularly. I get new orthopedic inserts (thru a doctor, my feet are scanned, custom) for them every two years.

  5. Lovely interesting varied post today and neat role reversals,, though I bet you both Share the heavy things together to lighten the load

    Love the new set up and hope you can get some comfy pillow support. Keep us informed if you get a tried and true method cos sure would love to do the same ..

    Cheers !!

  6. Good luck forv tomorrow
    ,the. Runners look cute ,take a flask of hot soup.even if its out of a can.The old moo.

  7. Absolutely Try one of those pillows. You don't need to be pregnant to use a body pillow!

  8. Ohh I need a body pillow pref human but OH well. Lol


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