Wednesday, April 03, 2019


I use a programmed called 'Map My Run' on the computer and my phone, to show distances of walks I do.  It's also amazing for plotting walks/runs.

Anyway... today I'm going to use it INSIDE the house.
Cos yesterday I was knackered after walking from one 'sewing room' to the other!!!

Today I'm going to do sewing again most of the day... so it will be every interesting to see just how far I walk over the course of the day!

I'm still a bit stiff and sore from last night's walk... I hope that doesn't keep happening!

ABOVE:  LOL...  I think this is the first walk photo where I've got me eyes closed!  At least I'm smiling though.  *smiles.

ABOVE:  Super proud!  I managed to park my car between two others last night too!  OK... there was room to park a truck in that gap, but still... I did it!  Isn't my wee car so cute!

ABOVE:  One happy boy... got his Learner's Driver License yesterday, first attempt too.  Congrats Griffin.   Now for the harder part... learning to drive.

Now... I'm off to start the day... I'm going to make heaps of the medium sized Wonky House Place mats  over the next few days, maybe a couple more runners too.


And dammit.  Map My Run does not work when you are just going a few steps here and there within your house.  Grrr.
It's been playing up on my walks too actually.  Might have to stop using it dammit.

On another note *** goddam teenagers*** are doing my head in.
I should be used to the shit they cause by now right?  Boys/Girls, they are all the same. Testing the boundaries. Driving us mental.  I'm already tired... and it's only 10.15 in the morning!

Not getting much done so far today:

ABOVE: I needed more binding (that's the bit that goes around the outside edge of runners etc)... so I made more.  
And I dunno, I've just been fluffing around doing 'stuff' all morning.  Can't say what really!

We have a friend's daughter staying from tomorrow till Sunday night, so her Mum dropped off her stuff this morning, hence another interruption to my sewing progress.
Maybe after this update I can actually get back to it?

ABOVE: Well.. I only got these two done today!
Talk about slack.
But... other shit kept coming up so it's better than nothing.

Now relaxing in front of the tv till bedtime I think.


  1. Laughing at your car space... you could drive straight into that one! I've always been able to parallel park since I was taught the knack way back in my learning days. Yes, you car is lovely - isn't lovely when we love our cars? I love my wee Swift Sport.

  2. Well done on the parking Chris ... and yes your wee blue car does look cute (you could almost park 2 cute wee blue cars in that space *smiles*). Have a good day!

  3. Is it a Samsung phone? Bixby has a step tracker. And there are plenty of other apps that do too.

  4. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Binding does take time to make but you have to have it 😉

  5. I used Map my Walk for a while and never had troubles with it. My Mom even used it to track her 50 mile weekend walk for a MS fundraiser.

  6. My iPhone has a "heart" app which automatically records your steps and distance all day. Perhaps there is an auto app available for your phone? I'm sure there is.

  7. Congrats to Griffin. Take care.

  8. Hi I'm not sure if you can get the fitbit app in NZ but it will count your steps if your phone is in your pocket, you don't need the wearable device. It won't work distance because it uses GPS and you are not moving far enough for the satellites to work properly inside, but counting steps will give you an idea of how "far" you've walked all day:)
    It is available for Android and iOS.

  9. Oh and Congrats to Griffin!

  10. Crikey you can put a bus in that car space Gish Griffin learner's licence already! wow


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