Tuesday, April 09, 2019


Today will be my first day working for 'P'.  Her house is going to be a challenge, her words, not mine.

But yeah,  lots of decluttering, general cleaning and whipping her into shape!
She is planning on moving out of Cambridge at the end of the year, and needs an enormous amount of work done around her home.   I'm her girl for that job!

I'm totally looking forward to it too.  She's a woman I already know, so we shall work together really well I'm sure.

I was so thankful of the help Lacy gave me yesterday, it was well over and above what I asked her  out to do (groom dogs)... I tried to give her some petrol money...

ABOVE: But the damn Tart 'posted' it back to me!  Grrrr.  I will have to 'thank' her in a more sneaky way.  Hmmm.... 

So, today... housework till midday (paid), then home to do some sewing.
Then after dinner I have an FBG walk.

Another full day!  *smiles*


1 pm:  And I'm home from 'work'.  Very tired.  But happy with what I got done today.  ONLY two rooms basically, and even they need heaps more work done on them!  But as I kept telling myself, Rome wasn't built in a day.
And this home is going to take a long time to get sorted.
I go back tomorrow for another go at it.   

Right now... I've got me feet up taking a breather before I venture into the sewing room.

My own home needs a vacum and dust... but shit... I'm not doing it!  I'm done with cleaning for the day.

6.30 pm:  and Brylee and I are off on an FBG walk in 10 minutes.  Be prepared for another boring walk photo... to add to this obviously boring day!  Where is everyone?  I'm feeling like... Pfffff.  Talking to myself. *sigh*

ABOVE: And there ya go.. another walk done and dusted. Though I've already done this particular walk twice.
Still, was good to get out and socialise, and get some more exercise.  I should sleep well tonight!

And that's me done for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM


    I didn't read your blog yesterday....but the the "caterpillars" are called Weevils and love flour and rice etc and you usually have the moths as well. Although these look like maggots. Really annoying...


  2. Sounds like I should employ you to sort my bloody house at - 20 years of accumulated crap & cleaning to do lol.

  3. I'm with Tracey think I need u in my pantry...what am I saying all my kitchen cupboards lol

  4. Well done for getting out there and walking after your work...thumbs up to you !!

  5. Kiwionholidays9:52 PM

    Fab you got your walk and walk all done
    Catchup soon


  6. Your walk photos are not boring.

  7. Don't be offended if no one comments. Sometimes there's nothing to comment, but we still read. I used to get two comments if I was lucky on my blogs.

  8. Silly girl you're never boring!

  9. I declutter my friends houses for free love doing it. Bin it donate it sell it my mantra.


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