Friday, April 12, 2019



Today I go and do a 3 hours cleaning stint at a new house.  
This house is HUGE... about 380 sq meters in fact.

I'm quite sure there is NO WAY I will get through the extensive list of things the owner wants me to get done, in 3 hours!

And I'm certainly not busting a gut trying to do it either.  I will do as much as I can and then stop at the 3 hour mark.  I'm not going over 3 hours!

So... I will report back when I get home on that score.

Apart from the cleaning job, I still want to get some more sewing done, and paint one of my stands... it's just unpainted wood right now and it should be white.  So that's next on my list of 'To do's'.

Right... better get moving!  


1.30 pm: And I'm home from work... tired but happy.  The house took the full 3 hours as I expected, and I could really have done with another 30 minutes to get the last few things ticked off... but I'm really happy with what I did manage to get done today.  There were only a few items of furniture that didn't get polished today, and they will get done next time.

So. It can be done!  

I'm very happy to be home now, and will be taking a couple of hours to just relax and wind down.  I was quite stressed out today... worried I'd not get as much done as was 'expected'... but the home owner was there for a good 2 hours today, and we talked about expectations and she's really realistic, thank goodness.

BEST. LAID. PLANS.... I swear I'm never going to get any sewing done before Sunday!  People just keep on stuffing up my plans!

They ring.  They visit.  Then more visit. And that is nice OF COURSE.

Then like... far out, I've gotta cook dinner and feed people!  Like why?  
And now... I'm tired and don't feel like sewing at all.
And Coronation Street is on a bit later and I wanna watch it.  Grrrrr.  Not enough hours in the damn day, seriously. 

Maybe I will sew and watch Coro Street another day?  HA HA HA.... like when?  I've got over a week's worth of Home and Away I still haven't watched, let alone all the other shit I've taped to watch 'later'.  Pffffff.  I usually end up deleting it all.

Right... I'm signing off.  On a whole, it's been a good day.


  1. You changed your photo! Purple heart on your cheek! CUTE!

  2. Good luck with this mornings job. If she has completely unrealistic expectations it may not be worth the stress. You are a thorough and fast worker so if it cannot be done in 3 hours she will either have to increase the time or lower expectations.

  3. Some expect a lot for there 3 hours but I'm sure they will get more than there money worth you are a rocket and word hard

  4. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to get a massive house done! BUT just thing of the exercise, housework sure counts and your walking would have increased your fitness a lot. Well done.

  5. so happy that your new part time job is working out!!! Think of all those calories burned!!! Christy xxx

  6. gr8 about the new job . Busy days arent they? but sometimes the unexpected is good too!!

    Enjoy your hopefully early night,,, and sleep catchup!!!

    Cheers !!

  7. Why not watch while you sew?

    1. I can't get TV reception down in the sewing room.... so I watch Netflix stuff instead. It's most annoying for sure!

  8. I do hope you get RnR time soon you and Steve deserve a weekend trip...


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