Sunday, April 07, 2019


So, a few weeks ago Kelly had a misadventure, and all her eyebrows were burnt off.
They are slowly growing back, thank goodness:

ABOVE:  They have a long way to go yet till they are back to 'normal'.  But at least they are growing!

And she does not have scars either, which is fantastic.  She's very lucky.

It's the end of 'Daylight Saving' today.  I am totally over Daylight saving, I wish we didn't have it.

But, one consolation?  Today at least we get an extra hour in bed.  Kinda.

Brylee and Griffin both have work today.  So it will just be Stew, Miss Z and I this morning at least. edit:  got that wrong.  Brylee is working this afternoon/evening, so her and Miss Z are watching movies in the lounge this morning... all snuggled up in blankies.  Rather cute.

I'm not sure what we will get up to ...maybe nothing, or something!  Who knows.

Until we decide, I'm staying right here, in bed!


Well... a leisurely start to the day I must say.  I'm working on another Wonky House Runner:

ABOVE: You have NO IDEA how long it takes to just do the freakin' layout!  I've still got to add windows and doors... and getting them all to 'look right'.  *sigh*  Just as well I love doing this, or it wouldn't be worth the hassle.

Stew's gone to the local supermarkets to find stuff Pak 'n' Save don't have.  Frustrating, but just how it is I suppose.

It's the most gorgeous day out there, and here we all are, inside.  Derrrr.

It took a while, but I finally did it!...

ABOVE:  I sewed me own finger!  And yes, it hurts like F#*K.  And that's gotta be one of the hardest places to put a friggin sticky plaster on too.

ABOVE: Forgot this pretty photo of Kelly and her first pumpkin of the season!  Nice eh?

ABOVE:  And that's another Wonky House Runner done.   I will probably not get another big one done before next Sunday's market.  I will try and get a few more smaller ones done I think.

Inbetween 'working' and walking, and doing me own housework!  I am certainly busy now.

And here's the end of another lovely day... watching some mindless TV till bedtime.


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Poor Kelly! I hope she was compensated by the business that did it!

  2. Absolutely the most beautiful day here also washing then going out this afternoonto afternoon tea.Girlshould be outside sun bathing.The old Moo.

  3. Nice to have a "different day" Chris, in that you dont know when you get up whats gonna be on.
    Love the wonky houses and hope they sell well after all the hard work,

    Fab day where we are as well so indoors outdoors today finsihing kitchen reno.
    Fab to be (95%) done .

    Good that Kellys eyebrows are finally coming good . Its amazing how young skin heals so quickly tho to the person who is going through it, seems like an age!!

    Take Care all of you


  4. Take photos of layouts you are happy with and print them out as references for future houses. It should save some time.

  5. Ouch - I've done that!! That's good about Kelly's eyebrows growing back.

  6. Ouch that gotta have hurt stitching ya finger is mighty painful that a good size pumpkin Kelly

  7. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Have you heard of Backstreet Bargains in Hamilton ? I just saw a photo and there is bolts and Bolts of fabric


    1. Yes I have... not sure if I've been there or not? I will go check it out Dee and let ya know.

  8. My goodness I never noticed before how much Kelly resembles you!

  9. Busy Busy! I like to be mostly busy too :)

  10. Those blue eyes on you and Kelly just pop colour.


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