Saturday, April 20, 2019


So yesterday I said you would show you what we did with the 'rampy' thing eh?

Well... Stew worked for a few hours till late yesterday ... doing what I suggested.

It was something I'd thought of ages ago!

And here it is:

 ABOVE:  in progress...

 ABOVE:  And there it is!  A dog ramp, so the girls can sit and visit with me when I'm in the sewing room!  

They used it yesterday NO PROBLEM AT ALL!

And we have storage under it too.

 ABOVE:  Girls visiting me!  It's so cute.

Before you ask, the dogs are not allowed down into the 'bedroom end' of the house because Coco shreds the bedding, and some little girls like socks, undies, shoes and so on!

So, now they can be with me when I'm down there, but not actually be in the room.

Now ... something else 'interesting':

ABOVE:  Lacy and Amanda having a girly, fun time.  

And back to 'present time'... we are heading off to Auckland to pick up Griffin from Steve and Bex's.
We will make it an all day trip... cos why not?

It should be a nice day trip.

Catch ya sometime during the day... if I decide to update.


Well it's  nearly 11 am and we are just leaving home! Stew literally  snored till 9.30 this morning!

KIWIKID: Sorry babe... I managed to delete your comment by mistake. Blame me fat fingers on a teeny phone keyboard. 

When I get home I'll  copy and paste it.

Traveling now....

ABOVE: It's a stunning day. Just stopped at the supermarket in Huntly for some food.

Well... we got here safely. Traffic wasn't too heavy going in our direction. 
We had lunch at Manukau Mall then continued on to the kids.

A lovely relaxed afternoon ensued.

I was looking on Pay It Forward just now and saw a simple shelving unit offered... so managed to get it for free! Will be using it to store canvas's on while they dry. Its going to save me lots of time not having to build one. Yaaaa.

I will need to get some plastic to drape over it... to keep dust and  insects off wet paint 'n' polish though.

We are staying here for dinner... sausages 'n' chips. Nice.

8 pm and we are safely home again. Sounds like Griffin had a nice visit, and got to catch up with some friends of his there too.

 ABOVE:  Playing with snails in the 'snail house'.  Ikkkk.

ABOVE: a few nice photos of the kids ... I'll have just a few more tomorrow too. 

And that's me done for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. OMG - I have done one of those black face masks. And it hurts like HELL to tear it off your face. I hope theirs is better. I am talking TEARS!

  2. Have a lovely day in Auckland

  3. Lovely day for a road trip.

  4. Kiwi o holidays10:16 PM

    Love al the latest pics glad you are home safe n sound

  5. kiwikid has left a new comment on your post "THAT PROJECT":

    Great idea for the girls to see you! Happy Easter and safe travels to Auckland.

  6. Lovely pics of the kids look forward to the rest tomorrow.lovely night out with family,13adults and 7 kids, great fun.The Old Moo.

  7. It looks like you and everyone around you is always busy and having fun!
    I like the dawgie ramp!

  8. Keera is getting so big! They grow up so fast :)

  9. That ramp idea genius your dogs will love it...


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