Monday, April 22, 2019


Well... today might be the day I finally get to put paint to canvas!

We are going into Hamilton this morning so I can get the last few bits 'n' bobs that I need.

Griffin has work today, but Brylee is home, so she might end up coming with us.
I will tell you how her dinner went last night later.

If she let's me!

I try NOT to put anything on here without permission from who ever I'm mentioning.

So, all going well you might get to see my very first Paint Pour later on today!  How exciting is that?

Well... unless it's an unmitigated DISASTER of course!  And ya know what?  It could be.
I have no idea how it's gunna go.  *smiles*

I am also going to be getting a new cleaner that I heard about on Facebook...

ABOVE:  A friend tried it and reckons it's amazing, so I really want to try it on our shower doors and surrounds.

If it works I'll be thrilled, and can then use it in the homes I clean.

*Steve*:  the stuff you gave me scared the shit outta me!  It sounded far too corrosive to use on ordinary shower doors and metal ware.  In fact it had a warning about getting it on metal.  Not worth trying it, and corroding my tap ware and all the metal around the shower doors.

And.... that's me for now.  Catch ya later on in the day.  Have an awesome Easter Monday.


12.07 pm:  still stuck in Hamilton... hunting down the last few things on my list!

Just stopped for some lunch.  

I've got an FBG walk at 5 PM too.... the day is too short.

Right, it's now 5.30 pm and I've FINALLY done some painting!
Got carried away and didn't end up going for a walk.  Bugger.
But... I've had fun.

ABOVE:  Today's supplies.

I did 4 paintings today:

 ABOVE:  My first ever Paint Pour painting.  I used a dip and blow method for this one.  It's not too bad as a first effort.  I feel there's a few 'muddy' areas, but it's not killed it.

ABOVE:  My 2nd try, using a different technique.  Showing the process it goes through.  It was AMAZING watching it develop!

ABOVE:  Same painting, different angle.  Just LOOK at those cells!!!   

ABOVE:  My 3rd one... this one was almost a disaster, but I managed to save it.

 ABOVE: I used a 'flip cup' technique on this one.  It was a disaster, and got wiped off immediately.  Too much MUD... colours blended wrong.  I have many lessons to learn!  lol

And that lot took me about 3 hours.  I've done the clean up now, and have three paintings drying.  They will take up to 3 weeks to be totally dried and cured, then I can varnish them.

In the meantime, I will be sewing again.

(Shish...I might sneek another one or two in ... *smiles*)

Stew is cooking dinner tonight... think we are having butter chicken.

Dinner was lovely, always so much better when you didn't have to cook it!

I did a small section of our shower 'wall' tonight, I will show you tomorrow how it came out.

Time to sign off for the day, it's been a long day... and VERY WET!  Wonderful to have some rain at last after a long, hot and dry summer.


  1. I have used that C-Thru on our rental property, beach house and also our home. It's amazing but boy does it take elbow grease. You need to rub it (in sections) until you hear a squeak and it feels smooth. On our rental shower a professional told me it couldn't be fixed but good old C-Thru did the trick! I now squeegee the surface after the last shower of the day it the water spots don't return. Hard to make our tenant do that of course and hard to ask your customers to do this.

  2. I'm intrigued to hear how Brylee's meeting the parents went. Just to let you know.... I LOVE hearing about cleaning hacks so let us know how that stuff works. A before and after shot perhaps ;-)

  3. I hope you share the painting results even if (especially if) it is a disaster. We see all of these perfect videos on youtube that make it look so easy. We need to see REAL LIFE!

  4. Is the traffic as mental up there as is here just shot into ashburton road and shops were mental busy did what needed to be done and home quick before getting to flustered
    Good luck with the paint pouring a lady at art class did it last term

  5. Kiwionholidays5:50 PM

    Hey they are a fab 1st attempt, my fave is the 3rd one good on you wondered if you would get started today, well why not you had all the gear.

    Great effort. Well done you and the Butter chicken seems like a great choice by Stew as well

    Cheers 🥂

  6. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Like the paintings, something to add to your craft stall, would be interested in how they sell.

    Cleaning the shower: cut a lemon in half and rub/squeeze the lemon onto the glass and taps, leave it for a few hours, overnight is OK, then wipe/rinse it off. works a treat on calcium build up around the base of the taps. Lemon works on stainless steel as well. Kindest, Heather

  7. Amazing! Your results are fabulous and on your first try! The last one (you said you almost wrecked it) looks phenomenal! Very cool! Paintings 2 and 3 are my faves!

  8. Wow I love the one with all the cells, very pretty!

  9. The cell picture is mesmerizing. Take ages to cure though eh.


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