Thursday, April 11, 2019


Sooooo.... today Brylee wants me to go shopping with her.
She needs new work shoes... ones that are comfortable and will last the distance.
She's keen on Skechers, cos she knows how good I find them.

There is a new Skechers shop that has just opened at The Base, Hamilton, so that's where we are going.

But first, I am expecting a visitor this morning.  Won't go into details, just hoping this visit sorts a few things out that have been irking us lately.

That will probably take a couple of hours, then the girl and I can go into town.

Brylee is taking me to lunch too!  I kinda told her it was about time she repays some of the hundreds of times we've taken her to lunch... like most Saturdays or Sundays for the past 17 years at least! *smiles*  A novel idea ... your kid taking you to lunch!  I don't think that's happened many times in my life.

Once we get home again... probably mid afternoon, I plan on sewing.  And tonight... *** attention STEW *** .... we are having takeaways.  I am taking today 'off' housework, and that includes cooking!  This 'working' lark is tiring, and OMG I'm only doing it 3 days a week!
But, it's actually very physical work... particularly when you are doing it non-stop for a few hours.

I now realise that around your own home, you never just do housework solidly for hours at a time!  Ya take breaks, sit down every now and then... watch some TV, have some lunch... and just potter your way through it eh?

Except for last Monday... with the caterpillars and moths... THEN I went at it for 7 solid hours!

And OM gosh do I have a funny little story for you... haven't bothered to tell ya till now:

Monday.  I spent 7 hours getting rid of caterpillars and moths right.  Then I went into Hamilton for some fabric. 

Got home.  Brylee had been home, had her lunch and was out and about with the boyfriend I think?  Can't remember, all I know is, she'd been home for lunch.

So... I check the walls and cupboard for caterpillars ... none, phew, what a relief.

I go over to the sink and OMG!  What do I see in the sink???  MAGGOTS!!!

I nearly died on the spot.  I simply could not believe I now had MAGGOTS in my sink!!!!!


Then the penny dropped.  Brylee had spaghetti for lunch, had rinsed her plate in the sink and had left some spaghetti noodles in the sink!

NOT MAGGOTS.   I nearly cried with relief.  Seriously.

Then I had to laugh.  And laugh.  And sit down and eat some chocolate.  Cos, well... I was stressed out right?

When I told Brylee about that ... she nearly pee'd herself laughing.  

And on that happy note... I'm off to do bugger all!


3.30 pm:  and oh dear, forgot to update!
Today has gone totally to plan.
My meeting went very well.
Brylee and I went to town, and she found some nice Skechers to wear to work.
Then we had a lovely lunch date together.

After lunch we wandered over to The Warehouse and bought some socks.  She needed plenty, and I wanted some nice warm ones to wear with me Ugg Boots on Sunday.

 ABOVE: There's some really cute Skecher sneakers out there, but she's not into pink or glitter.  So, serviceable and sensible is what she got.

ABOVE: We went into Steven's, a kitchen type shop too, where I finally found the exact paper towel holder I've been looking for for almost 3 years!  And more little tongs... they were having a sale, so everything was 30% off.  

The sales lady nearly drove me mental though, literally trying to force me to buy more... cos it was on sale.  Grrrrr... pushy sales people do my head in.  She really did go overboard.

And PINK SOCKS for me, that way no bastard nicks them!

But moving on... after our shopping we came home and I had a nap.  Cos I'm freakin' tired as.
I tossed and turned till 3 am this morning, worrying about the meeting I had this morning, and why?  It went really well!  Derrrr.

***   Midday naps, yeah not the best idea, I always wake up with a thumping headache  ***

9 pm :  and I'm ready for bed!  Seriously, not feeling 100% tonight. Tired with a sore throat.  Hope I'm not coming down with something... I'm too busy to get sick.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Oh Chris, you poor thing, I can just imagine when you thought you saw maggots.

  2. That did make me laugh Chris. I would be the same if I thought they were maggots. Sounds like you have a nice day planned with Brylee. While I love my Skechers they are not that great at work on lino floors. If they have non carpeted floors where Brylee works just let her know they grip the floor and you tend to trip. We have had a few issues with them.Enjoy your day out.

  3. Oh yes, it is lovely when the kids take you out for lunch. Mine have started paying their own way too. Samyson & I have lunch every second Friday & take turns paying. We all went to Denny’s on Saturday night after a show & each paid their own way 😀. I think it makes them feel very grown up 😂

  4. You nearly gave ME a heart attack thinking that Brylee ate maggot infested pasta! Phew!

  5. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Many years ago hubbys nephew asked him about the white worms he saw. Yep maggots, thankfully I don’t remember where they were


  6. You had a Nana nap,I dont even have them yet.The old moo.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂ha ha

  7. Hahahaha spaghetti maggots that's too funny.


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