Wednesday, April 17, 2019


I have work again this morning... and that involves spiders.  Lots of spiders.
But I am winning the war!

ABOVE:  Griffin and Jordan last night, both sporting the same 'hairstyle'... BOTH looked like twits!

Nice they got on though.

 ABOVE:  A cute photo of B & J... not taken by me.

After work today, I really am going to knuckle down and do some sewing.

Later on (this afternoon),  I am taking Griffin to the Doctor for some more medication to keep his acne under control, but NOT the medication he's been on for the past 6 months.  I have changed our family Doctor, hoping this new one listens to me.

Then I am putting Griffin on a bus for Auckland.  He's going to spend a few days with Steve, Bex and the kids (it's school holidays).

I've got an FBG walk tonight too... so it's going to be a busy day! 


KIWIONHOLIDAYS:  Sue W's blog:   and Sue PC's blog:

Neither has blogged so much lately.

9.20 am:  Killing time till I leave for work.

Kelly sent me the latest update on her eyebrows:

ABOVE:  The hair grew back (so lucky), and now she's just had them shaped.  I hope she never ever does the threading/dyeing shit again!

A friend of mine,(Sue W),  gave me the name of an artist here in New Zealand who does Acrylic Paint Pourings, and I contacted her last night. Claudia Riley Art ... we have had a lovely conversation and I've been given a few tips for my first efforts.  I'm really excited to give it a go.  Maybe tomorrow I will get time to go into Hamilton for some supplies?

But for today... I'm too busy!

12.30 pm:  Home from work.

MRS SWAN:  OMG!  Your comment made me laugh because, originally when I typed that up I DID use the word 'TWATS'... then thought better of it!  I've been told I'm far too potty mouthed, so sometimes I try and 'sanitise' my posts!

I'm now taking a break, having my lunch then doing a couple of hours sewing before I take Griffin out.

6 pm:  Well I'm very happy with how the visit to the Doctor went for Griffin.  The new doctor listened, and prescribed a much milder acne medication. One that won't have such horrible side effects for Griffin.

Then I got Griffin on the bus for Auckland, which was running 15 minutes late, and came  home.

I've run out of time to go on the FBG walk now ... so am going to suggest Stew and I go to the Indian Place for dinner.   Brylee is at work, so let's call it  A DATE!  LOL

Awww our 'date' was lovely.  Too cute, he was thinking of us going out to dinner too!  We OFTEN think of the same things at the same time!  We just do a 'high five' to one another when that happens.

Home now, and while I really WANT to do some sewing, I just can't be arsed!  I'm tired.  And I had a glass of wine with dinner and am now just too chilled out.  Might just spend the next few hours being a lazy tart.  *smiles*

***  I am so glad I didn't go walking, I feel so dozy!  And OMG,  why does even ONE glass of wine affect me so much? ***

Can hardly keep me eyes open, so am off to bed early for a change.   Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Jordan looks like he fits in just nicely! Enjoy your day! I'm just stoked that our sunny days albeit much cooler are lasting. Normally we'd have rain all school holidays.

  2. Those matching hairstyles are just plain awesome! I was scrolling through reading and had to stop and reverse because I was like WAIT Did she say twits or twats. Hahaha

    1. *snort*.... I replied to your comment on the blog.

  3. So fortunate that the eyebrows grew back. They look lovely - NEVER do that again, Kelly!!!!!!!

  4. Enjoy your daye night

  5. Kiwi on holidays6:41 PM

    Cheers for that Chris,,

  6. Glad the eyebrows recovered lol. Aww young love.

  7. Woah lucky for Kelly about the eyebrows. Griffin and Jordan funny guys re hair.


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