Monday, April 29, 2019


Well... this should be fun! It's  been over 17 months since I had to take small kids to school.

Today I will be dropping Dante and Keera off to school... then Archer and I are going shopping.

We will be going to a fabric shop in Onehunga Mall... then probably heading over to Sylvia Park as well.

Just me and my youngest  grandchild... bit special. 

 ABOVE: Three happy kids...cos they tidied up the family room for Grandma last night.

ABOVE: They did a good job...I might have to get them something yummy for afternoon tea. *smiles*

And that's me for now... I've got to get three kids fed, dressed, make lunches and then get them to school on time. 


11.30 am ... and Archer and I are home after a happy morning shopping.

Dante and Keera got to school with no problems at all.  We were actually ready to go by 7.45!  I'm just too organized.

 ABOVE: Archer having his lunch! Whoops... not very healthy.

 ABOVE: Sylvia Park... it's still changing! I went down to the Countdown supermarket to find.... it's GONE!  Dang... we then had to walk all the way back to Pak N Save for stuff for dinner. 

 ABOVE: I found a tiered shelf thingee for our shower and some vacuum bags for linen at Storage Box in Mt Wellington.

Sadly I didn't  get to the sewing shop in Onehunga today. Archer was done shopping after 2 hours.
Plus it is raining and Onehunga Mall isn't  under cover.

ABOVE: His nibs at the mall. He talks NON STOP...I think my ears are bleeding! Lol
Not really.. he's  delightful.

ABOVE: Archer and I walked up the 'back track' to school this afternoon... what a workout! No wonder Bex doesn't  go that way!

Quiet time now. Watching some TV before getting  dinner ready.

Dinner was chicken steaks and nuggets, garlic bread and spaghetti and baked beans! Silly bugger dinner in other words. *smiles*

Signing off for the day now. 

Catch ya tomorrow. 


  1. Sylvia Park is getting K Mart where Countdown used to be - also a Farmers amongst other new shops. It's turning into a monster of a shopping centre! Funny you saying Archer talks non stop - when he sees me he's totally silent and shy, that's kids for you :)

  2. Lovely that you're getting special time with Archer. They grow up so fast.

  3. Neat pics of them all they really do love Nana time and you sure are organised. (dont think it ever leaves us does it)

    Love to see the pics at Sylvia park I miss Glassons and those shops we knew so well, but looks like lots of wide open spaces and will be Huge after the renos are done.

    Archer did well lasting 2 hrs no wonder he needed that cupcake (smiles ) so cute


  4. Archer is a delightful child,thats one thing about being in Aus. I do miss the little ones.THE OLD MOO.

  5. Those three are so precious. Getting the kiddos to school is no small feat, especially if you haven’t done it for awhile. The clothes, the breakfast, books, bags, etc. I’m sure they are loving this time with you.

  6. Haha that little archer can definitely talk your ears off. I miss my little family cant wait to see them all tomorrow. Xx

    1. Not around me Bex - so funny today he kept giving me looks like "there's that woman who keeps trying to get me to talk"... One day he might finally chat to me.

  7. Have fun with the grandkids.

  8. Oh I bet the kids are just loving having you there! Love the cupcake lunch that's what Grandma's are for haha.


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