Friday, April 19, 2019


Enjoy being with Family and Friends
Drive Safely
Be Kind and Considerate on our roads

Stew has the next 10 days off.  We have no plans to go away (cos I'm a working girl now!), plus well... going away ain't in the budget.

Particularly when I keep buying craft shit!  Whoops.  But seriously, I need to be doing something 'ARTY FARTY/CRAFTY' all the time!

I get bored doing the same stuff ALL.  THE.  TIME.  So doing some painting in between my sewing is going to be fun.

I'm hoping Stew will assemble that little craft trolley for me today.  I think he wants to get the lawns mown today too, as the weather is looking a bit iffy by Sunday.

Tomorrow we might be going to Auckland to pick up Griffin, so the lawns can't be put off.

I'm going to do some housework first thing this morning, before sorting out WHERE I'm going to be doing my painting.   I suppose the garage is gunna have to be the place?

I also need to make a frame and cover it with plastic, to put over paintings as they dry.  I don't want to have insects or dust land on wet paint.... these paintings can take DAYS to dry properly!

So, there's actually quite a bit of prep' work ahead before I actually even open a pot of paint!

ABOVE:  Archer, Dante and Keera at the Botanic Gardens the other day.  I miss walking around the Gardens!  It's such a pretty park.  And watching the eels in the little lakes was always fun.  I wonder if the kids saw any while feeding the ducks?  The eels always used to come up and chase away the ducks and eat the bread too!

Right, I better go...lots to be doing, getting on with.  Catch you later.

If you are travelling ... PLEASE be careful!  There's been far too many road deaths on our roads lately.


So Stew said " Let's go cruise the industrial area, see if we can find a pallet to put all the stuff we want to take to the dump on."


We have now embarked on a big clean up of the garage/sheds/attic space.  Over time we will gather up all the stuff we don't use and either sell it, gift it or take it to the dump.

So off we went in his car.

 ABOVE:  And OMG!  We found a huge pile of pallets and wood and stuff!  So Stewy had to go home and get the trailer, while I sat on our find and guarded it so others wouldn't take it!

ABOVE:  There was this really long 'ramp' type thing too... made of wood.  I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT too!

I have something very specific in mind for it.  More on that once it's 'in place'.

 ABOVE:  I've just grabbed some food, and now... back to the garage.  This is the cupboard I want to empty and fill with my painting stuff.

ABOVE:  I kinda dropped this pile of logs on me toe!  Said a few very bad words, then took some painkillers.  I could have chosen any toe that would NOT have hurt as much as this one!

It's the one I had surgery on years ago cos it was a 'Hammer Locked toe'.  It now does not bend at all... so to drop a pile of logs on it???  PAINFUL as f#*k.

 ABOVE: This is the long rampy thing... I can't wait to show you what we are doing with it!  You will NEVER guess!  ha ha ha!

ABOVE: And that job is done, and the garage has had a good tidy up in the process.
Plenty more to do... but as Stew is home for over a week, not going to bust a gut getting it all done today.

Might put me sore toe up for a little while?

Got a visit from my dear friend Sue T this afternoon... she went on a walk I was supposed to do.  Another one I had to cancel.  Grrrr.

The toe isn't feeling too bad now... quite a bit of bruising coming out though.

Should be fine in a day or two.

Silly bugger dinner tonight. Then TV.  Watched more You Tube videos, think I'm starting to get over them!  Too many ideas!

Time to sign off for the day.  I'm off to bed.


  1. Eels in a lake??? I know there are freshwater eels but I have never been anywhere where they are that populated. It almost sounds like they act like Koi.

  2. Can you use that pyramid you got at the market to cover the paintings?

  3. What a lovely pic of the kids out enjoying themselves.

  4. Still love the pc for the fact seeing the pics of the lil ones on a 19inch screen still makes sense here They look so happy and great memory makers

    Love the "score" of the recycling stuff Well done you guys

    Imagine even thinking of those recyclable things a few years back.

    have a fab day there and catchup soon..

    Soory to hear the toe got hurt Murphys law its like "pick Me Pick Me"

    not funny tho when it happens ..


  5. Happy safe Easster to you all ouch for the toe

  6. Love the the picture of the kids feeding the ducks. Good night, The Old Moo.

  7. I ALWAYS whack my little toes on stuff. Lots of nasty words lol

  8. Always busy you two, but in fairness there's always stuff to do....


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