Friday, April 26, 2019


You go into the supermarket and see an ENTIRE wall of crackers.
Every sort imaginable right?  And it's easy to just keep on walking, I'm not that into crackers anymore ... right?


SNAX (the bastards) developed a new cracker.
Several flavours.  And OMG I LOVE THEM!!!

Like, really, really love them.

ABOVE: They are SO POPULAR it's hard to find them sometimes.  I've been known to find a supermarket with heaps, and have spent a LOT of money stocking up on them!

Yep, they are that good.

And I have to give them up.

I finished the last box last night.  I'm not buying any more.  

And I could cry.  I've been living on those bloody crackers.  Some days I've only had crackers for lunch, or dinner!  BAD BAD BAD.

I know my diabetes is totally up the whack again.  I've not had a blood test since October?  Something like that.  

My doctor really upset me a few months ago (over Griffin's medication), so I just stopped doing the blood tests, dieting, taking my medication etc.

I know.  DUMB.  Like, what was I thinking?   

Side note: We as a family have changed doctors now. We are not going to someone who totally disregards our concerns, and in fact goes completely in the opposite direction to what she said she WOULD DO! I don't trust her any more.

Anyway *sigh*, I laid out all my medications last night, put them in the DAY/WEEK medication holder and am back taking them all,  LIKE I SHOULD.

And the Metformin is giving me the shits... AGAIN.  Grrrrr.

I've got work this morning, it's the big house ... so 3 hours of solid house cleaning ahead of me.  I will get home exhausted.

So, don't hold ya breath for an update too soon!


1.07 pm: Well! Here I am, posting right after getting home!

That's cos I sat down and don't plan on getting up for at least an hour... unless I need a piddle.

I'd probably get up for that. lol

Work was great! I love doing this house, it's fairly new and so easy to clean! HUGE, and it certainly takes the full 3 hours, but it's a nice job.

They have a big cat too. He's lovely. Except he likes me, and follows me around the house. The number of times he's almost tripped me up today was crazy!

Anyway, today he decided to go hunting, and I caught him, not once, but TWICE devouring critters in the lounge!!! Guts and 'bits' everywhere! It was disgusting. He got put out and I shut the doors so he couldn't come back in! Eeeewwww.

I ran out of polish half way through the job, so Stew went and bought me some and brought it out. Such a good man.

Talking of Stew, he's not been idle either. I walked into the house and it smelt of baking!

He's got FOUR Feijoa cakes in the oven! Can I have cake for lunch, do ya think?


So, that's me for now. More later.

ABOVE:  Happy man!  I think he should do more of that.

4.38 pm:  Great afternoon !!!  Stew and I just cleaned out our back shed... and I've got 6 items listed on Pay It Forward.  Very happy with how that went.

Found a few things I'd been trying to find... which is excellent.

THE CAT:  lives on a farm.  Comes and goes all the time.  Is locked out when family are not home.  I know why!  It brings it's 'food' inside to eat.  Gross.  Cats will do what cats will do... which is eat rodents/rabbits/and so on.  It's nature.

Can't kill all the cats in the world to save mice, and so on.

Talking of mice, looks like our pesky ones are eating the bait.  Awesome.  Less mice for cats to eat.

Dinner tonight is:

ABOVE:  Lamb chops cooked in thick mint sauce, accompanied by veges.  I make a rich gravy with the left over mint sauce juice in the roasting dish.

Forgive me Vegetarians.... for I love meat.

It's the end of the day.  Dinner was wonderful, one of my most favourite home cooked meals.

I'm off to bed soon... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Maria7:44 AM

    Go to your new Doctor then!

  2. Metformin gives me diarrhea with a vengeance! I now am taking two different meds and strict diet and holding my own. But a YEAR after stopping one metformin per day, and now taking anti diarrhea pills a couple of days a week, SLOWLY returning to normal stools. Your doctor should really understand when the cure is worse than the problem something needs to be changed. Good luck with this! Jeanne (Canada)

  3. Can you post a pic of bRYLEE'S "FAVORITE" CANNED SPAGHETTI? Is it spaghettios?

  4. I wondered why you suddenly seemed to go off the rails ... now I understand. It's the sort of crazy reaction I would have!! Hope your new doctor is more understanding.

  5. Anonymous2:18 PM

    A friend had the same issue with metformin and his dr put him on something different that doesn’t have the same side affects -Glyade-

    I did 4 hours cleaning plus walking 2.5 km to get there and my levels went up to 12, that was a bit scary


  6. Omg that cat sounds gorgeous following you around. Those cakes look yum... wish you lived closer 😉

  7. newsy post today Chris . Lovely that while you worked your kind DH baked for you all as well.

    Gr8 syncing.

    Only one thing will be there soon for Feijoa cake (smiles), Some fruits we miss with a passion and that is one of them

    Sunny here,, so good day all round as well ..

    Rang a local company Wednesday afternoon re new HWC,, they came in half an hr with a quote , and the guy just left after installing brand new one ,,,taking away the old and got a 12 year warranty too,,now it all paid for and done.

    Neighbor came over while he was here,, and got a quote as well ,,,so they are getting one from same company as well.

    Thats 100% service so will get plenty of repeat work.

    Hope the tum upset is soon under control and you get good docs service for you all. Makes a big difference to you all


  8. Gret pics of Stew! Is the house cat allowed outside? Yikes. I can't believe it caught and chewed mice while you were right there! so gross! At least they are not in the house anymore, I guess..... What would your vegetarian readers think of the senseless loss of rodent life?

    1. This vegetarian says who cares if it was mice BUT I (like many meat eaters!) hate cats that are allowed out to hunt!

    2. Ah Chris, what did that Dr say? Come on mate, back on the wagon!
      I had a few rough months with moving cities and jobs, but I'm back on the LCHF train this week!

  9. Anonymous4:15 PM


    Is the cat allowed out? my two kitties are indoor cats and have a cat run...if they got out the probably wouldn't survive road sense etc etc...Good you are back on your food plan.....with your diabetes you can't get annoyed and sabotage yourself too much...your family need you to be healthy they love their Mum......I am trying today as bloody hard....


  10. Oops - I meant the ONE Vegetarian reader that harasses the meat eaters. I have nothing against vegetarians. I live with 2 of them, my hubby and my son!

  11. Great pick of Stew! Such photogenic people in your family.

  12. Wish I could taste a feijoa again. Miss those and passion fruit , tamarillo not so much

  13. How good is Stew cooking thise feijoa cakes!! You are spoilt Chris!! Saw some feijoas in a shop today, they were $1.50 each!! Hope you can keep that cat out of the house, especially after you have spent all that time cleaning!!

  14. Have a relaxing weekend.


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