Tuesday, January 01, 2019


We got back from the New Year's Party about half an hour ago.
We had lots of fun with some really lovely people.
I'm so glad we went.

I didn't get many photos, and what I did get are mostly utter crap!  Bad lighting, wobbly operator (I had a couple of wines)...

 ABOVE: There was some dancing in blow up Sumo Suits.  And funny lip coasters!

ABOVE:  Hysterical!!!  I am going to try and find some for us... they really are a hoot.

At precisely midnight a whole bunch of us jumped into the pool fully clothed!  It was warm!  And then we ran around and around and made whirlpools.... oh it was so much fun!  Not our pool mind you, our pool would have been freezing at midnight!

So, it's now 1.38 am on January the 1st 2019... and I'm about to head off to bed.  What a lovely start to a New Year.

I hope everyone else has had a lovely New Years Eve, or are about to in the next few hours. 


1.30 pm:  And would you believe... we lay in bed till 11 am!!!
Stew did have to get up at 7 am and take Griffin to work, but he snuck back into bed and proceeded to snore soundly for a few more hours.  *smiles*

Once up, Stew took Brylee to work then we went out to Podium Cafe at Lake Karapiro for a nice lunch together.

It wasn't that busy out there, I expected it to be packed!  There was only a couple of boats out on the lake too.  Ha ha, I took my camera then forgot to take any photos!  

The sun is out if full force now, so I might just go and have a swim and sunbathe shortly.  Once lunch has gone down.

6.30 pm: And it's been a lovely afternoon, one where I had a nap, and then a swim.  And now we are preparing dinner.

I had, for the first time ever, some pineapple salsa last night.  It was delicious, so I've just made some:

ABOVE:  I didn't have any lime juice or coriander, so used lemon juice and spring onions instead.  I hope it still tastes yum?

Stew is making mashed potato, so marinated pork steaks, potato and pineapple salsa for dinner.  Sounds pretty good to me.  edit: Stew had a lovely lettuce salad sitting in the fridge for us as well!  

OMG so full now.  Going to blob out for the next few hours now!

And... the day is done.  Just watched 'The Lake House' ... such an interesting movie.  Seen it before, but enjoyed watching it again.
Time for bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Happy New Year's DCR'Z 2019 XOXO
    #PositiveVibes ✌️💋

  2. Happy new year all of you. Horrible cold and wet here and quite a few hours still to go.

  3. Happy New Year Chris. I hope 2019 is all you wish it to be.

  4. Happy New Year to you! We will turn over to 2019 in about 14 hours! So pool in sight for me though! Maybe sledding on the fresh foot of snow, however!

  5. Woohoo sounds like a fun one!

  6. Sounds like you all had a great night out

  7. The party looks like fun. Those face accessories are called Face Mats. I have seen them on the Mighty Ape website. The Warehouse had some Christmas themed ones leading up to Christmas too.

    1. Oh cool... thanks Paula. 😊

    2. Here are the links:


  8. What a great start to 2019, sounded like the best night out.
    Happy New year

  9. Looks like a fun night. Happy New Year. Let's hope for a good one for all of us xxx

  10. Happy New Year!!! Waaaahhh I wish we had a pool, boiling here!! Christy xxx

  11. Those salsa in the pineapples look stunning,, and all your dinner the parts Stew did and all

    so healthy and filling.

    A great balance of goodies .. Glad you have had another fun day

    Just going to cut up fresh mangoes for dessert mmn

    Take care


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