Sunday, January 13, 2019


Once again I'm thinking, what the hell am I doing these markets for?
I hate getting up so early.

And then setting up is a right fag... and waiting for customers to even stop and look!

I hate all of it.  So... once again... why am I doing it?

I suppose two reasons.

1. It gives me a reason to keep sewing stuff.
2. It pays for my hobby and a bit on the top.

*sigh*   ... let's see how today goes eh?  If it sucks then I will once again be seriously re-considering doing markets!

Stew is taking me down at 6.50 am, then I shall set up in time for 'opening' at 8.  Griffin is going to come down and keep me company a bit later on in the morning... unless he pikes out and stays in bed.  I would if I was a teenager!

Today will be the first time I have my 'House Runners' out in public.  I wonder if they get any interest?  Hmmmm... I hope so cos they were fun to make.

Today is Stew's last day on holiday.  He's NOT looking forward to tomorrow... for sure.
Griffin has three more weeks before school starts.

Brylee is done with school, which feels weird.
But, hopefully in the next few months she will have an almost full time job and will be financially independent, if still living at home.

Right, enough yabber... I  have to get moving.  *sigh*

Catch ya later on, after market... so around 2 pm.


1.30 pm:  Sorry folks... it was a complete waste of time today!
I should have stayed in bed.  Seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm done with the Cambridge Market.
I will keep doing the Bi-annual Church market, and the market at the Tamahere School 3 times a year, but that is all.

I'm done doing all that work, getting up early, standing around for hours on end and  freezing my buns off in winter for nothing.

And I'm SICK TO DEATH of people saying "Oh isn't it lovely, what beautiful work"... then friggin well walking off, having bought nothing.  

And now... I'm gunna have something to eat then take a bloody NANA NAP!

I'm off to the movies tonight with some FBG friends, we are going to see Bohemian Rhapsody.... I'm expecting it to be FANTASTIC, as it won all those Golden Globe awards.

Home from the movie... Griffin joined me and 7 other FGB girls.  It was an awesome movie, I now see why it won so many Golden Globe awards.  I loved it, so did Griffin and me girlfriends.

Super tired now, signing off for the day.


  1. I hope you're having good luck!

  2. Hope you r having a great day

  3. I don't understand how your schooling works. Isn't Brylee younger than Griffin? I know you said Griffin "chose" to keep going to school. What age are they? Is Griffin going to college/university? Is it free or super expensive like university in the USA - that bankrupts people? I am just curious as my son is in college at the moment and we are wondering what the future will bring for him as far as school and what not.

    1. Brylee is 18... Griffin is 17. Griffin is doing the last year of High School (College). Kids move onto University at around 17-18 if they get the qualifications to get in. It's expensive here too, but probably not as expensive as in the USA.

    2. So - the last year of high school is optional? and called "college"?

    3. 5yrs - 10 yrs = Primary School. 10yrs -12yrs (approx) = Intermediate School. 13 yrs - 17 or 18 yrs = High School OR can be called College too.
      Brylee and Griffin were/are at Cambridge High School, before that they were at Alfriston College. Schools can choose to be called a High School or College. 18 + kids go on to either a Technical Institute (Nursing/trades/Hairdressing/mechanics and so on) Or University. OR they can just get a job like Brylee has.

  4. I hope the market is going well and you are being kept busy with lots of visitors to your stall.

  5. My grandson is having a gap year in USA because it will cost them $30,000 for him to do the first year at university. He is working and saving money towards it. When my daughter gets her Doctorate she'll be on a higher wage as she'll be teaching full time.

  6. Sorry market was a fizzed yup can understand your frustration...some just go look at ideas then go home and make the same...I won't forget in a long time one market stall I did, "oh wouldn't buy that its homemade" I wanted to jump over the table and deck the biach. I just said something like I didn't realize we were at ballentynes..hope u got a snooze. Enjoy your evening out with the girls

  7. What a shame about the market but you have given it your best shot. Enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody. I loved it and haven't heard of anyone who didn't.

  8. Let’s know how you enjoyed the movie. Good for you ends up a busy but happy weekend for you all

  9. We used to do markets, and I sold stuff as cheap as $1 (worry stones) and we would always have people ogling over the cuteness, then NOT buy it. AND THEN spend $11 on a hotdog at the booth next door! You could buy a ton of goodies that you can actually KEEP at my booth - or spend more to make yourself sick to the stomach next door! So aggravating!

  10. Sorry the market was a bust, I hate that! Loved the movie too!

  11. I haven't seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet I am going to a girls night though and that's the movie we will see.


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