Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Yesterday I white washed the little heart I bought at the market on Sunday.

It's come out really cute:

ABOVE: Left (before) and right (after).  

I think I've got quite enough hearts on the wall now!  The girls and I looked in town yesterday for a star to add to the collection, but no luck.

Maybe I will find a new star in Hamilton at some point.  No rush.

Today I am going to knuckle down and make more dog placemats.  I have the Church Market on the 28th, already paid for my site so I better go!
And I know the dog placemats sell well... so I better make more.

And ... that's all for now!  Life is very quiet at the moment I must say.


10.23 am:  bored shitless.  Feeling a bit down.  Don't want to sew.  Don't want to step on the scales either.
I feel fat as fuck.
I look fat as fuck.
Not happy with myself.  Old habits are creeping back in... all down to being bored/annoyed/frustrated with life.

So.. I'm going to do the grocery shopping instead of sewing!  YEP... grocery shopping!!!!

Something I hate even more than  scrubbing out toilets.

Cos we NEED salad shit, I am going back to NO CARBS/NO SUGAR .... strict as hell.  

And walking or exercise?  FBG walks start up again in early April I think.  Till then... I'm gunna get on the cross trainer and treadmill late at night.  When it's cooler.

If I can be arsed.  Cos right now, my mood is kinda like 'fuck it all'.

3 pm:  Perked up a bit.

The girls and I decided to check out a couple of Op Shops in Hamilton before doing the grocery shopping... and found a couple of things:

 ABOVE:  She is rather cute.
I might paint over the black with pink (or blue!) *smiles*

 ABOVE:   A dinosaur for the toy box.  You squeeze a lever and his eyes light up, his mouth opens and he roars... but not so loud that he will end up in the bin for being annoying.  lol

 ABOVE:  A nice wooden picture frame, which I will use in the lounge... after I white wash it!  Oh yeah, I'll put something in it too I suppose.

ABOVE:  Brylee found this lovely dress for $5, and Lacy also found a top.

After having our little Op Shop hunt around, we did the shopping, which went well.
Got it all home and put away and now I'm buggered.

Time to relax for a little while before making a huge coleslaw, to last for the next few days.

9.36 pm:  Well my coleslaw is delicious!  And we have enough for several meals.  Tonight we had it with huge pork chops and potato.

Time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You have really gone to town with the white wash lately. It really does make each thing you have added it to - better!

  2. Love the new look on the heart.. Brings out the darker colour nicely.. Enjoy your day and hope it goes well.


  3. Hi Chris. I love that white heart! You really find some gorgeous things. Good luck with the placemats. When do the regular FBG walks start again? Have a great day. Karen

    1. Walks should start again around April, all going well.

  4. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Its no good you are feeling down, but I think the post christmas/holiday period can often be like that...you have done really well with your health amazing really...even if you remain stable for a bit you will get your mojo back. I have joined WW for the first time in many years as I feel I need a bit of accountability I joined for the 3 months special..after losing weight about 4 years ago it has crept back on and it is rather disheartening, very disheartening really.


    1. I hope WW works for you, it did for me for a long time, till it didn't. *smiles*

  5. Hugs, Chris. I know how you feel. It's OK to have days like this, though. You know the no carb/sugar works for you and have the pictures to prove it. Wallow in the miseries today (I don't believe we should be upbeat and happy all the time - unrealistic and unreasonable) and then get on with it. We've all got your back xxxxx

  6. Moving air helps me hugely. Multiple fans blowing on exercise equipment can make a difference.

  7. Cute dress Brylee!! How do you whitewash when it's wooden colour? Maybe a couple of progress pics? I hear you about weight/food. I'm finding it hard to lose any weight and even after two weeks away averaging 50 km a week walking I'm still the same weight. Clearly for me it's mostly about food so I need to knock off the "treats" I've been having.

    1. You mix white acrylic paint with water, I find 50/50 works good. Wipe it on with a rag. THAT'S IT! No progress photos necessary, it usually only takes one go.

    2. So you don't even undercoat the wood? Wow, I'll have to try it. Thanks.

  8. That figurine in the swimsuit, Samyson got me one very similar for Christmas a few years ago, she is wearing a pink striped costume & has a beach ball - I love it. The dinosaur the kids had that one when they were younger. Love Brylee's dress too :-).

    Glad you have perked up a bit, you will get back into the walking & healthy eating and feel a million times better again :-)

  9. Love your fat lady figurine.... looks a bit like me. 😊. I’ve been thinking about making my dogs placemats.... have we seen yours? Don’t be too hard on yourself Chris, you’ve done amazingly well, and you’ll soon get your mojo back. Xxx

  10. Just remember those shots you didn't want to do, that was pretty good motivation lol.

  11. I have said it before I will say it again you are so Arty crafty wish I was x


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