Sunday, January 06, 2019


A few MORE photos from the other day:

ABOVE: A nice one of Lacy and the kids.

 ABOVE:  Some genius told Lacy toothpaste would help with the itching .... it helped cool her skin down if nothing else.

ABOVE: Archer just loves the dogs.  

ABOVE: Coco looking particularly adorable.  

*sigh*.... hells bells... I signed up for another FBG Social Walk this morning!  I don't feel like going AT ALL... but I know that once I'm out there walking I will feel great.  And it's a huge motivation to stay on track with the diet, which I need to do.

So... I better get a move on, it starts at 7 am.


Here's a couple of photo collages of yesterday with family...

I basically went into 'selfie' mode and got a photo of me and my girls, and the grandkids that were at Amanda's birthday party:

 ABOVE:  Me with Amanda, Lacy and Kelly.

ABOVE: Me with Amanda's 4 kids (Huston, Joel, Emily and Liam) , and Kelly's daughter: Rena.

8.50 am:  Just back from the walk and 'coffee stop' afterwards.  Lovely cloudy start to the day, perfect for walking.  It's now almost a clear blue sky, so it's gunna be a scorching hot day again.

I'm going to sand my barn door this morning, and hopefully have it hung again by tomorrow.
There's also several patches on walls that I need to sand... so there will be heaps of dusting to be done too.  *sigh*  I hate dusting!

First mistake of the day, I started sanding the walls in the lounge where I'd put gib stop.  Without putting the dust catcher bag on the sander.  OMG!  The room turned white within seconds, you couldn't see a thing!
What a mess I've now got to clean up.  


ABOVE:  8 happy walkers today.  Followed up with a nice, early morning tea at a local coffee shop.

TWO. HOURS. LATER....   and the lounge is dust free again.  What a shitty job, but one consolation... it's been 'spring cleaned'.  *smiles*

NOW I can move on to painting the board that the barn door runner is mounted on.  Then ... THE DOOR!

8.33 pm:  Well I've been fairly quiet for the remainder of the day!
I started painting the various things I needed to paint, and then Martyn and his little girl Sofia arrived for a visit.

Swimming ensued.  And lunch.  And then more painting.  Martyn couldn't help himself and he decided to 'help' me with the door... which was rather nice.

Once a builder, always a builder.  He really likes our door!  He's now inspired to make a new wooded garage door for his home.  

I eventually finished the painting, and the door got re-hung!  I will show you photos tomorrow as there's a lot on this post already.

I'm signing off for the day now, I'm freakin' tired as hell!  It's been a very long hot day.


  1. Trish in NJ8:34 AM

    The pictures of you and your family are beautiful.

  2. Love the selfies !!

  3. Great photos! You will treasure those always!

  4. great pix!!! Dust is the worst: that's one reason why we moved out for 10 months last year for our major reno. Corby's asthma would have been horrible and I just can't take the constant mess, so it was a no brainer. Still, we returned to plenty of dust, but it wasn't too bad as the builders did a good job of sealing off the back of the house and rooms...... Christy xxxxxx

  5. I agree with all the others and the collage ideas are priceless .. The way you have styled them is fab.

    Are Joel and Huston twins? They have lovely hair and eyes,, as do all of your family/families .. Neat to see who belongs to who and gr8 to have the catchups .

    The walk well done to get up and away and the other girls look happy they made the effort too.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished Door . Love the grain of the wood you guys chose,,and Steve has done a brilliant job

  6. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Pls no more of Lacy's feet! She could at least paint her tootsies before staring them in the show.....


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