Sunday, January 20, 2019


A few firsts for our daughter Lacy today.

She is going on holiday with her sister Kelly and niece Rena... to Australia.

Lacy has never been out of the country.  So that's a First.

Lacy has never flown before.  Another First.

LACY:  we hope you have a fantastic time, and enjoy all the new experiences.

ABOVE:  All packed and ready to go... she waited till late yesterday to pack her bags!
I would have been packed up days in advance.

So what's on our agenda today?

Well... if it's a lovely sunny day I'm gunna lie in the sun and swim in the pool!
And bugger all else.

Brylee's got her 3rd cousin Danielle coming this afternoon for a visit, so that should be lovely.
Danielle is the daughter of one of my 1st cousins.  I've got a lot of cousins on my mother's side of the family!
From memory there's about 27 first cousins then at least 40 second cousins!

That's what happens when your Mum is the eldest of 10 kids.

So anyway, it's really lovely that Brylee and Danielle met at my Mum's 80th Birthday and got on so well.

They are both lovely girls.

Griffin needs a new desk for his room.  So I looked on Trademe last night and found one that looked a possibility.
Griffin saw it and said 'Yeah, that one is great!', so I bought it.
Just waiting for the seller to get in touch now, and hopefully we can pick it up today.

ABOVE:  How awesome does that look!  Talk about versatile.  He will probably use it in the top right configuration... so the right hand 'flap' can sit over the end of his bed.

I'm thrilled with it, I've never seen a portable, multi-use, multi-function desk like it before.


ANON:  So, not only do you think you know it all when it comes to pool fencing laws, but you think you can ask totally 'NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS' questions too?  Obviously there is no way in hell I am going to answer your fucking rude question.
People like you only read blogs to have a go at other people... get a life of your own and stop trying to rip other's down.

On a happier note... the girls are in the air!  Lacy said it wasn't what she expected... no 'Broom broom, thrown back in the seat on takeoff'!  lol
It sounds like she's enjoying the flight:

ABOVE: Lacy sent me this photo.  Of course, to anyone who's flown before.... it's what ya expect to see.  But for her it must be magical.  I'm so happy she got this opportunity.

AND the latest photo from Lacy:

ABOVE:  Just been told "We can see Aussy!"  She's like a kid in a candy store for the first time, seriously. lol

ANON:  Faaaark..... OUR TAXES ARE NOT PAYING FOR HER TRIP, not that it was any of your business, as I have already said.  And that is the end of it.

ABOVE:  her reaction to being told it's only 9 am in Australia.  When she left here 3 hours ago, it  was 9 am.  lol

ABOVE:  They are about to land... here's hoping that I get more photos later on in the day!

ABOVE:  And the silly buggers LET HER IN!  lol
She's on Aussy soil, and looks pretty happy with herself.

Nice afternoon here... spent some time in the pool.  Lay in the sun a while.  Danielle arrived and the girls are hanging out happily.

Then Bex and the kids arrived too!  She is visiting her brother and his little family in Te Awamutu tomorrow ... so staying here tonight.  Means some juggling around with beds, but we can fit everyone in.
Lucky we had plenty of left overs from last night's dinner too.  And coleslaw, let's not forget the bloody coleslaw!

OMG I made a HUGE bowl of it a few days ago and we are still eating it!  Luckily it's not something that goes off fast.

ABOVE:  It's the girls... enjoying a hot afternoon in Australia.  Have fun girls.  Bet ya sleep well tonight!

And on that score, I'm off for the night too. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    How did Lacey afford to go to Oz on a benefit? That desk looks awesome btw!

  2. Great Lacy is doing a trip to Australia as her first flight.
    Not too far but they will all enjoy it,
    Great desk for griffins room,
    Fabulous find
    Enjoy your day

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Not rude at all. Just wondering how our taxes are paying for someone on a benefit to go to Oz that is all. Talk about fly off the handle! Jesus woman you are going to give yourself heart disease. Calm down.

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      ever think someone mite have brought it for her. you must just be jealous that no 1 got you a ticket

    2. Anonymous5:15 PM

      Oh you are a piece of shit aren’t you, clearly this family loves and cares for all their family members, Where you only look out for yourself and it shows in your comments, you have no understanding of family and the things we do for each other regardless of what has happened in the past and what may happen in the future, love is love. Jo

    3. Anonymous5:45 AM

      Well put. My very words.

  4. How exciting for Lacy.
    That desk is perfect for a teenage boy. Wish I'd had something similar when my 3 were that age.

  5. She is definitely like a kid in a candy store.. she's been great..

  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Yewwwwww haave an awesome trip Lacey! How exciting. Super hot over here at the moment. Xx Bee

  7. Good grief you have some rude readers!!!!
    Hope she has a blast

  8. Lovly two sisters can go on vacation together and lovly lacy gets to do some awesome stuff


    1. Have an awesome time Lacy

    2. Anonymous5:25 PM

      Welcome to Oz Lacy!

    3. Welcome to Australia Lacy Have s great then me

    4. Oh thanks to you all, its really hot but yea been a big day xoxoxox

    5. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Welcome to Australia Lacey!
      Hot week ahead!
      XSharnee in Melbourne

  10. Have a fantastic time Lacy! So nice to see you get so much pleasure out of it all x

  11. Reading your blog has put New Zealand on my wish list. It looks so beautiful. Australia would be great too! Lacy looks darling in the pics!

  12. Anonymous8:10 PM

    I hope the girls enjoy their trip! maybe that person should realise that people are only on a benefit if they are entitled to it, and here in OZ people are given reduced fare train tickets so they can actually go on a holiday when they are on any sort of pension....everyone deserves to have a break..some people are mean..

    Take care


  13. Have a fantastic time girls...welcome to Australia.

  14. Good Night New Zealand and DCR land, thanks for all the nice comments today 😊
    love from the kiwi girl in Auzi xox

  15. I really like the desk too! For me, upper right configuration.
    I'd love to make that trip, NZ to Australia.. Flying over the great Barrier Reef would be great. I always sit at the window, an look out the whole time, every flight.

  16. I hope the girls have a great time! Do you have to use a passport to go to Australia?

    The desk reminds me of a hospital table. I hope it works out well!

  17. Good for Lacy! She looks so happy! I hope that you can find a way to block the nasty people that post. Why do they read your blog if they are so bitter and looking for the negative. SOmeone who likes to cast stones at others should take a good look at themselves. That first airplane ride is magical. I hope that she enjoys the rest of her trip.

  18. Good for Lacy! She looks so happy! I hope that you can find a way to block the nasty people that post. Why do they read your blog if they are so bitter and looking for the negative. SOmeone who likes to cast stones at others should take a good look at themselves. That first airplane ride is magical. I hope that she enjoys the rest of her trip.

  19. Have a great time on this side of the ditch Lacy (and Kelly & Rena). Some people need to learn to mind their beeswax. Love seeing you look so happy & excited

  20. Wow nice pics of the flight and the girls me in Aussie bound in May.


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