Monday, January 07, 2019


I'm clearly a rip, shit 'n' bust sorta person!

I worked on that door non stop (pretty much), until it was made, painted and re-hung.  *smiles*

So... here's a few photos:

ABOVE:  After putting a few 'dings, scratches and dents' in a perfect door to make it look a bit rusticated and aged, I decided on the paint effect I wanted.
And with Martyn helping (cos he just HAD TO get his hands in there), we got it done in no time at all!

While the door was drying, I painted the lounge walls where the door guard used to be, and the timber the barn door runner is on.

ABOVE:  It was a right shit trying to paint around that friggin rail!  But I did it, cos I had no choice.

ABOVE:  The men hanging the newly painted barn door.

ABOVE:  And there it is.  I'm guessing you are all a bit surprised I didn't go overboard on the paint job eh?  lol
I decided a very simple whitewash effect would be the best for this door.  You can still see the wood grain, but it's white to tie in with other stuff in the room, like the fireplace and wall art.

ABOVE: This is the view from the front door entrance.  Kept it simple and clean.

Next thing is to get a door handle for the lounge side, and a recessed thumb ring thingee for this side.

I thought I'd seen and made my mind up about what to get, but I've actually changed my mind.  So the hunt is on.  lol

I'm really keen to see Steve's reaction when he sees the door again in person.  I added a little 'something' to the door, just for him.

And now that is done... it's back to sewing.
I want to make a few placemats before my next market, which is next Sunday.

So... catch ya later.


LOL... haven't done any sewing!  Stew and I went into Hamilton and ordered a handle for the new door from Early Settler, and then I got some new flowers and a cushion, for the lounge.  Early Settler were having a big sale so they were much cheaper than usual.

ABOVE: Looking at the new flowers there, I can see I need a few more!  There's gaps, and Stew pointed out that I need a bunch down the bottom to cover the stems.
How true.  *smiles*
We will go into Early Settler again at the end of the week to pick up the door handle, so can get more flowers then.

It's now 2 pm and super hot.... so I'll probably  jump in the pool shortly.

Swimming happened.  Sunbathing too.  It was blissful.
Lovely afternoon and evening.

Something WONDERFUL happened this evening too.  But I will tell you about that.... tomorrow.

Signing off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Love it very much. Am so jealous 😁

  2. That paint finish is perfect for that door!! It will be so much better now being able to close off the lounge. Well done to Brylee too on her new job.

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Great job all round...


  4. Well thats looking so great.
    gr8 team work!!

  5. That door looks FABULOUS!!! I LOVE it!

  6. It looks Perfect! Great choice.

  7. Loving your new purchases ,lots of fun summer and seasons colours ..

    Early settlers have some fab stuff and gr8 sales.. pretty pic of you with the flowers, Loving the colours of them against your white top and of course The "door"

    Loving that cushion looks so inviting to finish off a HAPPY room ..

    enjoy the pool as we enjoy a BBQ lunch then a cool spa

  8. I LOVE the door. That was exactly what I would have done, and what I would have expected you to do. But then I wondered if you were going to do something more extreme..... In the end, it is perfect! Yep - just looked again. It is perfect.

  9. How exactly did you paint that door? Did you paint it and wipe it off with a rag? Did you dilute the paint with water? It really is lovely!

    1. Normal Acrylic paint, diluted 50% with water. First of all I tried painting it on an off cut piece of wood with a brush, but quickly realised it was not very good... so switched to a balled up old piece of fabric. That worked perfectly. It was super easy and fast!

    2. Got it! It worked perfectly.

  10. I love your Blog and I love all the have a gorgeous family Chris xx

  11. I happened this arvo....😂 I am Wonderful

  12. Your new additions to your lounge look awesome Chris ... and the cushion and flowers really finish off the room beautifully.

  13. Door looks grand and wow those flowers thought Stew and given you a birthday present for his birthday tomorrow hehehe have a good day Stew

  14. Love the door you are so lucky to have a handy man. I am interested in the pay it forward page is it on the internet? I am trying to declutter my craft-sewing room and would love to give someone else my stuff. I will never live long enough to do all the things I thought I would do. LOL Love the flowers and what a priceless cushion I love it. Your so talented at decorating .

  15. I thought for sure it was going to be super colorful lol

  16. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Great idea for the design of the door and looks perfect.
    The photo of you smiling with the flowers is the best, you can really see how much weight you have lost, I'm jealous!! Still trying, no loss in the last month :(


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