Saturday, January 05, 2019


Right, here's a few more photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE: Nail guns are noisy!   
Watching their Dad work on Grandma's door.

 ABOVE:  Lacy's feet got monstered by sand midges on New Year's Eve, she's still suffering.
And BOY, don't we know all about it!

Brylee went for a job interview a week ago.  Yesterday she did a 3 hour 'trial' for that job.

 ABOVE: Our clever girl got the job.  She's pretty happy with herself.
It's way more hours than where she works right now.  And hopefully the people she works with are nicer.

When she got home, I made her blindfold herself before seeing our new door:

ABOVE:  Just a bit of fun.  She loved the door too.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Warming up in the sun... the little kids got pretty cold as there was a cool wind blowing.

ABOVE:  Having fun in the pool yesterday.  It makes me happy to see family in the pool.... minus Griffin, he was at work. 

Oh and in case you didn't see it yesterday:

ABOVE: The beautiful barn door that now graces my lounge room!

NOW... back to today.  Housework first and foremost.  Lots of washing.
Dusting and vacuuming after the door construction, which made so much dust!  Not that I'm complaining, I got an amazing door!


Well, since getting up this morning I've done the washing, put gib stop on the walls where it was needed, taken the gorgeous door DOWN and....

I'm in the process of doing my 'thing' to it!
Heee heee.... it's going to be a couple of days before it's back up I reckon.

But hopefully it will look ok.   I'm NOT going crazy on it people, but I am doing something to it.  *smiles*

Stew is outside mowing the laws YET AGAIN... they are growing like mad right now!  NOT normal for summer, but we have had so much rain then sunshine, it's certainly kept the lawns green and the clover growing.  We have heaps of bees!

Well... we have had an awesome afternoon and evening!!! 

We spent a couple of hours at our daughter Amanda's celebrating her 40th birthday... then we joined our friends  Martyn and Jacqui out at Lake Karapiro for dinner. 

We are still there in fact. Having a lovely time.

Home at 10.40 pm.  We had a lovely time out at the lake tonight!  We were so very lucky to witness a 'falling star' tonight!  (Or meteor or space junk!)

Either way, we saw it!  It was awesome!  It was very clear, and 'it' broke into 2-3 pieces as it streaked across the sky.

I didn't even think to grab my camera to try and capture it... because I would have missed seeing it... and sometimes you have to be 'in the moment' and just witness it, instead of trying to capture it with a camera.

Here's a few photos I did get of our neat evening with Jacqui and Martyn:

 ABOVE: Bubbles by the lake...

 ABOVE: little Sophia gave me her soft toys to cuddle.

 ABOVE:  Fish 'n' chips for dinner... at the campsite.  It was wonderful.

 ABOVE: ♥ Love this chick ♥.

 ABOVE: Martyn lighting the 'lamp'... pretty nifty thing with a gas bottle.

 ABOVE:  Their campsite, which was in a lovely situation, awesome view of the lake and close enough to the amenities, but not too close.

 ABOVE:  a home on the lakeside that stuck out like a sore thumb.  Not my cuppa tea.

ABOVE: When Brylee finished work at 8 pm,  Stew went into town and picked her up and she joined us out at the lake.  

We had a really lovely time.  So glad we went out instead of them coming into town to have dinner at our home, which was a last minute change of plans.

I'm going to sign off now, and post a few photos of our afternoon at Amandas... tomorrow.


  1. O Wow, what an amazing door!
    That little Keera sure is growing and so beautiful.
    Sorry about Lacy's feet-sure looks painful.
    The family looks happy in the pool. What a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sure deserve it.

  2. I love the summer photos! Most of the people I know are experiencing winter.
    What are sand midges? I think I'd try some bleach on it.

  3. Maria1:05 PM

    I'd paint the wood attached to the wall, and just put an oil on the door. The wood grain is so nice.

  4. The pics say it all who wouldve thought the pool would cater for so many and still be such fun.
    It will have paid for itself in pleasure that all of you get when in and out of it and entertain the wee ones (and older ones ) smiles at the same time ..

    We found when ours were young,,, and we had one,, but sunken in,,, even on fully sunny winter days,, we could still have a dip in the midday sun.. Amazing what the nz sun generates,, in the winter on cloudless days .

    Enjoying the door progress,,, Thinking by tues it will all be revealed !!.

  5. PS so happy with Brylee and the new job .. Good for her and will be good being in a Happy place to work Makes such a difference love the blindfold idea,,, and her top is pretty neat as well,,,


  6. Night Night DCR xx

  7. That looks like a good time!


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