Monday, January 14, 2019


Today marks the first day back at work for Stew.  A new year's start.

I feel sorry for him... I'm sure he doesn't feel like he's had much of a break, having to get up early on many mornings to get Griffin to work.

Today being another one.  Griffin has to work every day this week.
Griffin starts at 7.30 am, which means Stew has to leave for work a bit earlier than usual, and drop Griffin off on his way.

It will be good once Griffin is back at school and we are all back to a 'normal' routine.

Brylee only has limited work hours at the moment, so she's home a lot.  Which means I will be getting her to do a bit more around the house in lieu of board.  Yaaaa, kinda like having a live in housekeeper!  

Yeah, probably not.

Like most kids, you have to ask them to do something a dozen times before A. It's done and B. it's done PROPERLY!  

I just hope that by the time these last two kids leave home they can cook and clean and look after themselves!

Brylee will be cooking dinner for everyone tonight... all going well it will be edible!  lol

My plans for today?  Bugger all.  Fold the washing.  Tidy the house.  bla bla bla.

And on that score, I'm outta here.  Catch ya later.


Well it's 9am and I'm still in bed. Watching it rain.... which is neat. First rain in weeks!  It's so nice... it's  cooled down considerably.

There is no inclination to get out a bed either. Might just stay here and listen to some videos on YouTube  *smiles*.

Right , I'm up.  Got washing on, will have to hang it in the garage.  It's  still raining on/off, and humid as hell.

 ABOVE:  Brylee earning her keep.  She's not impressed.

 ABOVE: The new door handle, lounge side.

ABOVE:  And this one arrived today, it's for the front entrance side.   STEVE:  your next little job.  It came with wood tacks and two screws?  No idea how that works, when you have to recess this little bugger into the door?  Think we will leave it up to you Steve.

I bought a little heart wall hanging yesterday at market, total bargain for $4.  It's right now in the garage drying cos I put a white wash paint on it.  Will show ya later.

Now... the girls and I are off to town (Cambridge) to look around.

1.55 pm:  back from town... and I found a couple of things ... but not necessarily what I was looking for.

 ABOVE:  Big spend of the day! lol
Just adding to the collection.

ABOVE:   And we found this spunky little glass in a 2nd hand shop.  It's got a chip on the base, so only ornamental now.

Brylee is out having one of her last official driving lessons before she takes the Restricted Drivers test at the end of the month.  She's driving much better in her own little car now.

8.45 pm: And wow, it's been the quietest day in forever!  I literally did nothing all afternoon except fold and put away the washing and coach Brylee cooking dinner.

She did well... we had Spag Bol for dinner.

Now... just quietly watching TV till bedtime.  


  1. Door handle looks fab good on you guys.. The wee other thing,, like you its a "leave it to the expert one" (smiles)

    I know how Brylee feels if its vacuuming,, so she just probably gets in, and gets it done (like we all do) and then smiles again later !!

    Love all the bits n bobs you picked up all add a new look to our homes at not a lot of cost..

    Will be nice when Brylee gets her licence . She has worked hard for it no doubt. The passageway looks bright and inviting as well.

    Thanks for sharing your wee corner of the world with us ..


  2. Sounds like a nice day.
    Can't believe Brylee is old enough all ready? Where did time go to?

  3. Just back from a few days out bush camping...
    All the best for Brylee...gee where does time go, hard to believe she has grown up so much...

  4. Love love the barn door.
    Brylee is I swear getting taller.


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