Saturday, January 19, 2019


Well... the pool is looking gorgeous again!
I'm going to spend a bit of time in it this morning, and just cool down.

Griffin is at work this morning, and Brylee has work over the midday hours.

This afternoon we are heading off to town to find a smaller table for Griffin's room.  Hoping to make his room less cluttered, and not so difficult to move around in.  He has too much stuff!

It would normally be at the Tamahere Market today, but I didn't even try to get a stall.  I'm sure all the permanent stall holders are still wanting all the sites.
I've pretty much decided not to bother with that one again.  

My next market is on the 28th, here in Cambridge.  I'm hoping it's a good one, or that will probably be it for me.

I'm just not prepared to spend any more money making stuff that won't sell... and putting all that effort into it. While I love sewing, I don't love markets!

I think I will just do less sewing, and try and find something else to take up my time?
I've thought of volunteering at one of the Charity/Op shops here in Cambridge.  But I have some pretty shitty memories of some I've worked in previously, that make me hesitate whenever I think of it.
When you volunteer your time, you don't expect to be taken advantage of and not appreciated right?  Yeah.

So, this year I'm not sure what direction to go in.  I can't just sit here at home and do NOTHING.  I will go nuts.

So.... I'm feeling a bit depressed right now.  I'm off to the Dr on Monday to talk about how I'm feeling.  I don't want to get any lower and just end up staying in bed half the day.
And on that misery guts note, I'm off to start the day.  
Cos well... there's always washing to get done and hung outside eh?


1.30 pm:  How's me day going?
So-so.  I was in a right BAD mood this morning, reduced to tears with frustrations in fact.

So I went shopping.   As ya do.

Did I buy anything lovely? Pretty?  Likely to cheer me up?  

NOPE.  But it's going to be damn handy:

ABOVE:  I bought a new vacum cleaner!  Yep, a 'normal' one.  I will still use our big Kirby, but this one will be so handy for getting into corners, window sills, and cleaning out the cars.
The Kirby is a right shit to convert to a more conventional vacum, with a hose etc.  Stew and I have been thinking about getting a new vacum for ages.

Godfrey's were having a big sale (as per usual really, bit like Briscoes), so I did get a good deal on it.

Coincidentally, it matches the bins in the kitchen!

I'm going to clean out my car later on this afternoon, once it's cooling down a bit.
Right now it's stinkin' hot outside.

Stew and I just went out to Mitre 10 for a new outdoor safe extension cord.  WHY is there so much choice ffs?

In the end we bought this one:

ABOVE:  We liked the fact that it's lightweight, can be easily rolled up, and you can plug three things into it at the same time.
NEXT summer I hope Stew and I can go camping, it will be handy to have then.

Lacy is leaving for Australia tomorrow.  She's still NOT packed her suitcase!  Talk about leave it to the last minute!

Next move for the day:  put some washing away, tidy the garage, sort out fans in the garage so I can get on the treadmill without melting, and then it will probably be time to clean out my car.

I got a phone this afternoon, it was my friend Sue T.  She has been away up north on holiday for 4 weeks.  Camping.  Swimming.  Just chillin.

Anyway, she said:

"Hi Chris.  Is your pool open?  And is it ok for coloured people to swim in it?"

I'm like .... "What the hell are you talking about?  But ... YES, the pool is 'open' and yes, coloured people can swim in it!"

ABOVE: So SHE came around for a swim!
And the 'coloured person' she was talking about was herself!  She's super suntanned!
What a tart.

It was so lovely to see her again.

After she had spent a good hour or two here, she left and I got on with cooking dinner.
It's something I saw on Facebook:

 ABOVE:  (1) Line a baking dish with bacon, then  (2) mince/onion/herb/egg/breadcrumb mix, then (3) cheese down the middle...

 ABOVE:  Then (4) tomatoe/capsicum around the cheese, then (5) more of the mince mixture and finally, (6) lay the bacon over the top.

Bake in oven for 45 minutes at around 180 deg C.

It's still in the oven, will show you how it is after it's out.

ABOVE:  Taaa Daaa!   Looks amazing, smells amazing, and according to Lacy... it tastes amazing too.
I'm not actually hungry right now so will have some later on this evening.

11.10 pm:  finally cooler ... time to head off to bed.  It's been a nice day after a shitty start.


  1. Could you try and get your stuff in an appropriate store like you did with your cards years ago? It could be on a consignment basis, or not. Just a thought.

  2. Why don't you throw some time at learning some new LCHF recipes from Diet Doctor?

  3. you could teach people how to quilt or sew? I've volunteered as a social support for old and isolated people... it was great!! They are very interesting and inspiring. Just reach out to your local community support / charity. You'll need a police check I imagine. I've battled mild depression over the years and I read that helping people is the best way to feel better, and it's true: it works. Christy xxx

  4. Could you sell some of your things on Facebook Market place? It’s free, might be worth a try.... 😊 x

  5. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Your sewing is such a gift, I am so looking forward to your creative baby quilts with their names on them for our new grandchildren, they will be treasured for a life time.
    Sure that once you show them on your blog there will be many more orders.
    A perfect gift from a Nana to a Grandchild.
    If they are ordered early in the pregnancy, you will have time not to be under pressure to finish them.
    Just love the "Teddy" cot quilt, which is my Nana's quilt, I will use it in the cot or as a play mat when they visit.
    Warmest, Heather XX

  6. Bring able to get in your pool ANY TIME YOU WANT is a huge advantage with your walking or treadmill in heat. Pool only feels good to me if I am very very hot. (We have a neighborhood pool, but are limited by its hours.)

    I feel for you with the booths. A friend here says that people go to markets to get ideas, then they go home and make their own, if you live in an area where people are handy. In this area, people are very handy.

    If you decide to close up shop, is it possible to use your things as gifts for family Xmas/birthdays this year? Like everybody pick out something they want? Pictures to your out of town family? My grandmother made and sold a lot in her life and we (family) have very little of what she made.

    And have you tried Facebook marketplace? (Assuming you have it in your area).

    I have been cleaning out my house and I have sold a ton on Marketplace. Household items. I do cash/front porch pick up only. I don’t Mail and I don’t meet. I have a box out there for $.

    I also wondered about local gift shops like the kind where you were considering volunteering.

  7. love the look of the go to whoa dinner dish for tonight ..

    Good you had Lacy as Chief sampler.. The after photo looking delish!!!

    Varied day for us today a bit like yours and cooling down and cloudy which we havent seen in days so yay if we get some rain.
    Your friend sure is tanned .. Up North mustve had a good sunny season ??new vac Cute colours

    Looks like a good worker for your home..


  8. Dinner lokks amazing!! Is there a craft shop near you that would seel your sewen things for you?? Might be easier than going to the markets which frustrate you.

  9. Looks tasty, but is a heart attack in a dish.
    Great for the Keto diet, minus the breadcrumbs if you are having a small serve.

  10. Did you take pictures #1-6? That meal would cost a fortune to buy the ingredients for. Five Camembert cheeses? How much bacon? I would LOVE it though! yummy yummy!

    1. Yep.... as I made it Lacy took photos. She knows I blog EVERYTHING! lol

    2. Those food pics are great. It could be on a food blog or Pinterest or whatever' maybe you need another blog::::

    3. LOL... I don't think they are THAT GOOD! I find one blog is quite enough to be doing!

  11. Did you eat it? Was it greasy? I think my stomach would punish me if I ate that lol

  12. Ohh that meatloaf bacon wrap that's me all over. Your friend may be tanned BUT I LOVE the sarong.


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