Friday, January 25, 2019


Well  .... today I will be making yet more placemats.   Then I can relax over the weekend and just enjoy having Stew home for three days.

Monday is a pubic ... (edit:   OBVIOUSLY I meant PUBLIC HOLIDAY!) ... holiday, and I have a market on at the local Anglican Church, it's just down the road from us.

It looks like the weather will be really great for the long weekend ... Yaaa!

 ABOVE:  It's too hot for the lillies!

ABOVE:  We might be lucky and get a few grapes soon!  

 ABOVE:  The girls finally sent me a photo of my sister, Lorraine, with Rena.  
I love the colours of Lorraine's dress.

The girls went into the city yesterday afternoon.  Didn't quite go to plan, but hey.... nothing new there.

 ABOVE:  Kelly and Rena got to have a wander around, and they went on the Ferris Wheel.

 ABOVE:  Somewhere down by the river in Brisbane.  Very pretty, and so lush looking!  I thought Australia was in the grip of a heat wave?

ABOVE:  Well... I did ask for critter photos!  He looks pretty cute to me.

I stayed up late last night getting a couple of dozen placemats ready to be sewn up.  And I made a couple of little coasters, just for the hell of it:

ABOVE:  Cute!  I will be making a few more for Monday's market too.

AND.... that's me for now.  I gotta go make the house all nice and tidy, I have an Aunt and Uncle popping in today on their way to a rowing regatta in Rotorua, and Jacqui and Joel are here tonight cos they are going to a rowing regatta here in Cambridge this weekend. 

It's all go!  Nah, not really! lol


WELL!  Ya wouldn't want visitors TOO OFTEN would ya?
You get nothing done.

LOL... I've had visitors all day and really loved it.
First came Jacqui and Joel, stopping in on their way to rowing at Karapiro.

Then in the blink of an eye, my Aunt and Uncle from Canada called in too.  

They stayed for about 4 hours... it was wonderful to have such a good catch up with them.

ABOVE:  The obligatory photo shoot! lol

And just as a comparison, here's a photo taken of me and my aunty in May last year, when they were over for a funeral:

ABOVE:  I'm rather glad I am not quite that big any more.

Now the girls have sent me a few photos, but I've not had time to download them yet.  I will try and do that soon.

Didn't get around to that!  Got visitors again.  My girlfriend Sue T came around, then Jacqui and Joel arrived.

So, not a moment to myself today which was neat. 
Watching Coronation Street now, then will be  heading off to bed not long after that I expect.


  1. Those are some great photos! That Ferris wheel looks like great fun, the flowers are gorgeous, the dress is darling! Will your Lilies perk up when the weather changes?

  2. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Are we celebrating our pubes on Monday? From Brylee

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    LoL at Brylees's comment :)

    We are certainly experiencing a heatwave in Melbourne. Going to be 44 degrees Celsius in Melbourne today!


  4. Good catch Brylee, I missed that!

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Hopefully they don't encounter what this woman in Brisbane experienced!:


  6. What beautiful pictures. I just cannot get over how you took control and changed your entire life and it seems so wonderful now. Strong lady and so talented.

  7. Enjoy your visitors nice to get back in the swing of things.
    Good the girls are getting to see some choice places while over in aus.

    Have a great weekend..


  8. Um what do you girls do together???

  9. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Wow that really is a different you from the last time you saw your Aunt. It’s a nice positive and ego boost for you

  10. Auntie Lori said thank you for the complament about the dress...

    And OMGOSH mum what a difference. You look amazing..

  11. Looks like a super busy day. Enjoy your long weekend, hope it is nice and sunny.

  12. Lorraine and Rena matching nice.
    Comparison photos there's an incentive.


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