Thursday, January 03, 2019


The highs today will be finally (all going to plan), getting the makings of our lounge barn door!

Stew and I will be heading into Hamilton around 9.30 to meet up with Steve.  We hope to get everything we need from Three Brothers in Te Rapa, then come home and build a door.

I am expecting Steve, Bex and the kids to stay for a couple of days.  ALL. GOING. WELL.

The lows.  Well things went a bit pear shaped last time they were here, nothing I will talk about on here, but I'm hoping that things go smoother this time.  If not I am probably gunna have to change something.

We also have Jacqui coming to stay tonight, so every bed/room will be occupied!  Yaaa, love a full house. 
Lacy is starting to get used to being shunted into the sewing room! lol

She's probably got another couple of months here before she starts looking seriously for another abode. Luckily she's not too horrible to have around.  

Well... unless you count in the morning.  She ain't a morning person, not. at. all.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I reckon this is a pretty accurate depiction of Lacy's face/attitude in the morning!

Oh cats!  I got sent a couple of lovely photos from the girl who took our dog bed!  Seems she has two cats, and one of them took a severe disliking to sharing it's bed with the other cat, so that's why she wanted another bed ... for her 2nd cat.

 ABOVE:  So, there is her cat in his new bed!  He sure looks happy there.

ABOVE:  They clearly live out in the country... what a gorgeous view from their deck.

I was recently also sent this photo:

 ABOVE:  It is of one of my Tree Table Runners on a dining table, in of all places, London, England!  The recipients of this runner love it and plan on having it in use all year round.

It's little things like this that make my day!

And now... my day shall start.  Catch ya later, with hopefully good news about the door stuff!


Oh whoops!  No updates till now (3.25 pm).
Oh well, in my defense, I've been busy.

We meet the kids in town and got the barn door hardware... came home then Steve and I went and got the timber for the door.

$600+ later and we went home and had lunch with the family.

Then we got visitors, so I sat down and was sociable, while Steve made a start on the door.

ABOVE: Progress... not much yet sorry.  But it's happening!

 ABOVE: Our friends Nicky, Sam and their two kids called in to visit on their way home from holidays.  Was lovely to see them.

 ABOVE:  It's an overcast day today, but still stinkin' hot... the sweat on Stew's brow!
Poor dogs are feeling it.

ABOVE:  Denim was having a hissy fit at Marley... growling at her for jumping up on Brylee.  Brylee was like... yikes!  

ABOVE:  Well.. the rail is up!  And as it's almost dinner time, Steve's stopped for the day.
In fact, he's taking Brylee for a drive in her car, she's driving.  Let's see how his nerves are once he gets home.  lol

I have a really nice rich beef stew on in the crock pot for tonight's dinner.  Having mashed potato and veges with it... I'm a bit sick of cold meat and salad!  And dinner was delicious.  Followed by a neat evening playing cards.  Now everyone has gone to bed and I won't be up much longer either.

So HAPPY... today has gone much better than I expected.  No lows.  Phew!


  1. So nice to see people enjoying your products isn't it! That kitty is too cute too.

  2. Hope u got all supplies for door and all goes well with installation

  3. That's so cool to see your hard work appreciated and loved and on the other side of the World. You deserve the accolades Chris. I planned to sew for the rest of the week but hit my 2 little toes and even walking is painful. My whole foot is swollen but they're not broken. Have got my unemployed again son doing jobs for me at least. Well see how long that lasts.

  4. That cat looks so happy in it's new bed. Wow your table runner is on the other side of the world-how awesome is that. Hope the lows become highs and all goes well over the next few days. The look on Brylees's face is priceless!! No sharing between Marley and Denim then.

  5. What a busy day and a mixed bag re unexpected vizzies, sometimes those days go better than our well planned days dont they??

    and so neat to see where the items you do,, end up.

    Love the view from where the cat bed went as well.

    Enjoy your time together and love the way you share the ups and downs of life .with photos n all...

    Sharing is a gr8 way to be able to look back too and remember bits of our days,, we often forget in the rush of life


  6. What card games does your family play? Ours plays Smear at every gathering and it's stressful for me because they are SOOO INTENSE! They have a fit if you play the wrong card! About dog jealousy - our dog barks when my son and his GF hug. It's like "don't touch my boy human"! Silly animals!


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