Friday, January 04, 2019


There's been a few FBG social walks in the mornings over the past few weeks.  I've not been on any, as getting up at 6.30 to go walking just doesn't float my boat.

BUT... I said to several girls on New Year's Eve that I would go on one IF they turned up at my house at 7 am!

So the tarts are.... today!  Like in 30 minutes to be exact.

So I'm up.  Putting me clothes and walking shoes on and I'm going bloody walking!

I am not a morning person (Like Lacy, only without the scowl), but I really need to get back into the walking.  So, I'm heading off shortly.  It's a 5 km walk, so not too arduous.

Once home again, I will be watching Steve make the door.  Exciting!
He thinks it won't take too much time, but lets see.  I think it will take longer than he expects.
Either way, he's not leaving till it's made and hung!  *smiles*

After it's all done I get to paint everything:  the wood the track is on, and the door.  Trying to decide if I will go with plain white, stripes ... or go for some sort of paint effect.

Dumm dee doo..... catch ya later.



ABOVE:  It was bloody HOT as hell by the time we got back!  But I did enjoy it.  And by the look of it I'm going on another walk on Sunday morning.  Gawd.

Must admit ... I can SEE the (now) 3 kilos I've gained in the past month! Dammit.
So, a bit of work to be done to get back to where I was... then work on dropping another 10 kilos this year.

Steve is working on constructing my door... so I'm off to 'supervise' him.  *smiles*

THE DOOR:  From start to finish...

 ABOVE: The view from the entrance way...

 ABOVE: And from the lounge...

ABOVE:  I am so ... SO... happy with my new barn door!

Now I need to find a black rusticated bar-type door handle.  And paint the door.

PAINT IT... guess how I'm gunna do that???


I think I am going to surprise most of you with how I'm going to paint my door!  But ... you will have to wait to see it.. .there's a bit of work to do before I get to it.

Time to sign off for the day, I'm tired and it's hot and sticky.  So draining!


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I have put on 3 kg too 😢

  2. Its fab that the fbg crew called by to pick you up. Gr8 incentive when its "so close to home"to start

    Well done all of you.

    Love the Agapanthus you all posed with, we had dozens out this year,, and DH just cut all the deadheads down 2 days ago,
    but a gr8 display since early november ..

    Looking forward to seeing the door pics, We did outside patio flooring repaint yesterday,, and what a a difference a coat makes (smiles)

    This afty do the front once the sun goes off it.

    Love the pics of Brylee when the wee dog had green eyes and wanted a cuddle...

    Enjoy your family time

  3. Love that door. Clever lad.

  4. Anonymous3:35 PM

    The door looks fantastic...great job Steve!! I need Steve over here in Aussie...


  5. Door looks really great. And so helpful to you that it slides, and takes up no extra room.

  6. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I bet you paint a cow on it!

  7. One word "'Brilliant'' Love the start to finish and it makes it a customised for the family door thats unique .
    Well done to Steve Bex and all the wee helpers who traveled,, and all of you others,,,and apprentices as well (smiles)

    You all are hands on,, crafty people. sorry bout the pun no offence meant

    Wonder what you have in store for the colour???

  8. Wow Steve has the talent alright. Fantastic. Like Anonymous I'm sure it wont be a plain door. But I cant guess what lol?

  9. I LOVE the door....have been looking at getting one in our lounge.... I'll call Steve 😉. That looks amazing 😍

  10. You are a bit clever Steve... I'll certainly keep you in mind if I need an expert job done!!

  11. Anonymous11:10 PM

    I wish we had put a barn door on our loo now, it would have been hard getting the hardware around here thought.

  12. Anonymous12:02 AM

    That is a beautiful door. And I liked how his boys were helping Dad.

  13. Anonymous4:07 AM

    The door looks awesome! Steve is so talented and very helpful! I can’t wait to see how you paint it.
    Kym/ Australia

  14. The door looks fantastic! Great job to Steve and his little helpers :)


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