Thursday, January 10, 2019


Bugger all on today!

The dogs go to the groomer this afternoon, she's got quite a job ahead to get them all nice again!
They've been in the paddle pool and making a right mess of themselves!

Coco doesn't get in it by herself, I have to put her in it.... once she is let out she goes mental and runs around like a mad thing, rolling in the dirt!  But I swear she has a huge smile on her face!  

So... yeah, they are a bit grubby.

There is an FBG Social walk on at 7 am.... if I can drag myself outta bed I will go.  Still thinking about it right now.  *smiles*

I've gained 3 kilos since early December.  I can't believe how much impact it's made!  My clothes are tight!  And I feel like shit.   Yet... I keep eating shit.   Grrrrr.  So hard to get back on the wagon.  At least the 'festive season' is over, and Stew's birthday cake is all gone.

If there's no shit in the house I should be safe eh?  *sigh*   

We all know it's down to WILL POWER... and I have to find mine again.  I am NOT going backwards any more. 

If I keep saying it....  it might sink in.

Same with sewing... if I keep saying I will do some, maybe I will!
Cushions for the lounge.

I think once I get started again it will be fine, it's just getting started that's the problem.

I had issues with downloading photos off my camera yesterday... hopefully today it will have resolved itself.  My PC does that sometimes... simply refuses to accept my SD Card.  Then next day... no problem!  So fingers crossed it works later on today.

And on that note... I'm off to either roll over and go back to sleep, or get up and go walking.
Hmmmm.... decisions...


And yaaaa! As I hoped, my computer is again accepting my camera SD card.  It's pretty frustrating when it goes on the blink like that, but at least it rectifies itself.

ABOVE: Wet, smelly dogs... but at least they could cool down a bit in their paddle pool.
I'm sure they will feel even better later on today after they have a good haircut.

The cooler weather didn't last... it's another stinkin' hot day.  I'm about to pop into Hamilton to pick up the barn door handle.  

3.30 pm:  We hve a door handle now, installed courtesy of Stew.
Everything I listed on Pay It Forward last night has gone, so that's a good feeling.

Just in from Bex:

ABOVE:  Kids don't need much water to have fun!  Three happy kids.

10.20 pm:  Well as I anticipated, it's been a quiet day.  I'm now watching Coronation Street... my favourite programme.  lol
Then bedtime.  I've found getting to be a couple of hours earlier than my 'normal' means I don't feel so tired in the morning.  Funny that!  *smiles*


  1. I know you know all the tips and tricks! But my ten cents, for what it is worth: Motivation is earned. You just gotta get one day of sticking to the plan under your belt, then work on day number two. Once you get success, you get hungry for more success!

    You've done many times before! You can do it again!!! Go for it Chris, we're here to cheer you on!

  2. Is it humid there?

  3. Those wee dogs look like butter wouldnt melt in their mouths . Stunning pic.

    lovely bright colours in the lounge loving them,,

  4. Kids look to behaving a great time in the buckets

    1. Hope u realized I meant 'be having' not 'behaving'

  5. The kids look like they are having an awesome time. Very humid here today ... have just enjoyed sitting outside in the dark to cool down for a bit 😎

  6. Gaining weight prior to Xmas korday I been gaining all that last year 2018!


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