Saturday, January 26, 2019


So... I didn't get much sewing done yesterday as I had visitors virtually all day.  Today I hope to get at least another 12 placemats done in readiness for Monday's market.

The girls in Australia were very quiet yesterday, virtually silent in fact!
I did get a couple of photos:

ABOVE:  A couple of nice city shots and one of a Huntsman spider.  Looks a bit creepy that spider.

Jacqui and Joel head out in an hour or so, Joel has two races today.  He's doing so well with his rowing!  His parents are super proud of him.

Not much else on today really... Stew is going to mow the lawns cos they are getting long again.  Griffin is out all day and Brylee is working.

So that's it for now.  Catch ya later.


1.27 pm:  and doesn't it feel good when you are doing what you know you should be doing?
Cos... I am.

 ABOVE: I am on the home straight with 15 more placemats almost finished!  Been working since 9 am.

ABOVE: Got me faithful little sewing buddy, Coco, guarding the door.
Well... actually... she's there cos everyone is mowing their lawns and she's freaked out too.  But she does love being near me when I'm sewing as well.

ABOVE: Have I told you just how much I LOVE having Netflix?  Cos it's amazing.... I am now 'Netflixing' Suits.  And I love it!  

Stew is outside mowing the lawns... did I say that already?  Hold on... scrolling back...


........................Yeah, I said he was going to ... well now he is.

 ABOVE:  Everything is growing like MAD.  

ABOVE:  These are really pretty... so are the trillions of clover... but not fun when the lawn is completely covered with BEES.  Stood on one the other day... friggin hurt like f*#k.

And that's enough waffling for now... I wanna get those placemats DONE and DUSTED.  laters....

6.44 pm: ....

DONE. DONE.  DONE.  18 placemats. 12 coasters.
And that's a wrap for the day.  My legs and feet are swollen now, and I need to stop and put them UP.

Oh, and have dinner. Which is fish 'n' chips, cos I can't be arsed cooking.  I been working hard all day and I'm DONE.

ABOVE: I got carried away after I finished the dog placemats, and made these ones too, and the little coasters.  I just love that farmyard fabric! Such fun.

I've got a few more to sew up tomorrow, but sadly I don't have much of that fabric at all.  Enough for 3 more placemats I think.

And I'm gunna wrap up the day early ... I'm tired and just want to relax for a few hours now.

Best thing about sewing all day today? It was a cloudy day and that meant I didn't miss out on swimming and sunbathing in the sun.

Maybe that will happen sometime tomorrow?


  1. Is today Brylee's last day at that horrid job? Enjoy your sewing day.

    1. Sadly no. She has to work till her last shift on Tuesday.

  2. Lovely to see a coupla pics from the girls anyway , New places and holidays always seem to fly so maybe tonight there will be more/
    Thats great catchups with your sewing, Good on you for staying with it,,

    and Love your wee mate there . Looks like a real bunch of cuddles.

    Lawns over here are slowly dying cos not much rain ,,but always seem to need mowing to clean up leaves etc and make things tidier.

    DH doesnt mind lawn mowing cos its satisfying when they are done... then its Cool dip time (smiles)

    Love your netflix setup there in the sewing room,,We get Free utube through a telstra phone plan and use it on the big lounge TV ,, and so a good spare time watch amazing how many nz programs there and old stuff as well

    Really good Brings back heaps of memories and laughs etc..


  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Suits is so good we watch it often

  4. another gr8 day on your machine .. Good for you Hope they sell like hotcakes !!


  5. Good idea TV seeing room Jesus you churn out the mats.


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