Wednesday, January 09, 2019


So yeah, I am anticipating a quiet day.

I am going out first thing this morning to pick up the lamp I won off the Facebook page 'Pay It Forward', then I have another appointment in town.  Nothing worth mentioning here.

Like, some things remain private *smiles*.

Once home, I do have some housework to do.  Then if it's not too hot I will think about making a cushion cover or two.  

I think I've given away the idea of making more placemats for now... me heart ain't in it.
And I still have a good amount of market stuff to sell, so no rush.

There's a good chance we will end up in the pool for part of the afternoon... making the most of it as we are due some cloud and rain by the weekend!

That might just be a welcome relief, cos OMG it's been hot.  

NOT as hot as the likes of what other places get, like Australia.  But still blinkin' hot.

Bex sent me a few happy snaps of the kids yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Steve is back at work now, so Bex and the kids just do day trips to local places.  Yesterday Bex took them to the local beach.  They all got drenched... but clearly had fun.

ABOVE: That's where I hung the new painting.  I did a white wash on the frame as it was a bit too distressed for my liking. It goes really well there.  Would you believe it was only $31!  Such a bargain.


Picked the lamp up, got it home and the main light didn't work.  OK... probably needs a new bulb.  So we go into Hamilton to buy a bulb.  ($12).  

While in Hamilton we go out to the cemetery and Stew tidies up his parents grave.  Then we have a lovely lunch at the Hamilton Gardens.

Come home.  Replaced the bulb... and it's still not working!

So in other words, that woman just passed on her junk to us.  NOT IMPRESSED.  She even said as I was carrying it to my car that she wasn't sure it still worked!
I should have left it there obviously!

I've of two minds to return it to her, MINUS the new bulb. 

What would you do?

So.... I shall wait and see if Steve can fix it.  I've since posted several things to give away on that site.  Paying it forward, even though I got a dud this time.

Amazingly, our weather is changing tonight. It's clouded over... looks like rain ... and it's cooled down, which is a huge relief.  It got to around 27 C today, so warm!

It's been a quiet day as I thought it would be.  Stew is talking about us going down to Tokoroa in the next day or two to tidy up my family graves.  So... that's what we shall do no doubt.

Signing off now... we are just relaxing for the evening, enjoying the cooler weather.


  1. Thanks for the info on Pay it forward. Love the picture so pretty. To cold here to go anywhere.

  2. What a cozy corner that is. I just need a cup of tea and my book!

  3. lovely pics from yesterday and this morning.

    The kids in the water,, How neat is that?? good on Bex taking them to the local areas

    Such a neat way for them to have fun and get some R&R . Its amazing what affect water has on us all for relaxation as you find even with our own pools in the backyard (large or small) .

    love that pay it forward idea looking forward to see the latest goodie from there ..(smiles)

    Cheers !!.

  4. I would just keep it, seeing as how you now use that group a bit it would be counter productive to potentially stir up a problem. The bonus is you have a son who is good with fixing things like that, so I'm sure he will fix it next time he is visiting.

    1. Steve, you are a fantastic builder and craftsman, but be careful with electrical appliances.

    2. I'm always careful :) I use to repair household appliances as part of my previous job, so dealing with a lamp is easy.

    3. Anonymous6:09 PM

      I agree with Steve best not to cause upset. The lamp looks great and lucky you have that wonderful handy son to fix it 😜 He just better visit sooner rather than later so it works and your not frustrated for longer.
      Kym/ Australia

    4. I was getting confused with the comments coming in... cos I hadn't realised Steve had made a comment. I don't have to 'moderate' his comments as he is an Administrator of my blog... so can post and comment any time he wants! JUST in case I kick the bucket ... lol.

  5. Maybe if you like the lamp, put it away for now and next time you have an electrician on site, ask them to take a look at it. May just be a broken wire.

  6. Haha. Like Steve said - let him fix it. I think it is lame that someone bothered to give away and list a broken lamp. But I would not make waves over it. I understand your frustration after going out and buying a bulb and all that!

  7. you might have to take this one on the chin!!! You win some: you lose some!!! Christy xxxx

  8. If it's the lamp in pic I think it's lovly just as an ornament

    1. No chick, it's not that lamp. That one really is just an ornament *smiles*

  9. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I would take it back...why give away rubbish to people? now you have to fit it in your bin...


  10. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Lol..I just went back and saw Steve's comments..he is such a good guy..


  11. Ha chicky and here I am. Clearly I have alot of reading.
    I do hate picking up stuff off sites and it's faulty...


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