Thursday, January 17, 2019


I'm notorious at having knee jerk reactions, letting my emotions rule before engaging my brain.
So.  Yesterday was no exception.  I got mad at someone and did the CAPITAL LETTER thing ... and yeah.  Whoops.  That didn't go down well.

And I got blocked.  So clearly I'm not the only person who has knee jerk reactions!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is we are all human.  

And this human is going to try and take deep breaths and think before hitting 'SEND' quite so quickly.

NOW... it's a new day.

Good luck today 'L'.

My day is going to involve some sewing, I got a few placemats ready for sewing yesterday, I'm trying a new 'thing' with them this round.  Will show you later on today hopefully.

There is another FBG walk on at 7 am.  Not sure I will be going to it yet.... I've got about 20 minutes to make up my mind.


I've just spent a couple of hours tidying Griffin's room... he's an utter pig.  I moved his room around a month or so ago so I could at least get to the window and open it, and the blind.
But he cluttered it up so badly I couldn't even get in the room, or the wardrobe.  So it's gone back to how it was.

I haven't even bothered to give him a sheet or under blanket for his bed, cos they end up on the floor in a heap... like his blankets and pillows.  Now all he's got is a pillow and one quilt!    

I can't make up my mind who's worse, teenage girls or boys when it comes to being pigs!

Having raised 4 of each... it's pretty even.  Some are nice and tidy and some are utter pigs.

Brylee just got called into work... and her work shirt is grubby... so a quick hand wash and it's been thrown in the dryer.  Should be ready in time... JUST.  Hopefully she actually gets another shirt, as a change, soon!

I didn't go on the walk.  It was already freaking HOT as hell by 7 this morning!  No way can I walk in that heat.

MARIA: lol

Floors swept (thanks Brylee), and washed (by me).  Now... thinking of moving more furniture.  Cos that's what I do when I'm in a mood.  And well... my family room is just grating on me nerves.

1.25 pm:  And now the family room is back the way it was a few months ago too!
I am in a draft, and I don't care.  If it becomes annoying I'll just close the door, that will be easier than sitting in a place that simply does not work for me.
I'm really happy with the room back this way, it' so much more open.  I feel like I can breath again.

But, ya have to try these things, right?

I've got a thumping headache now... trying to do too much during the hottest part of the day.  Derrrr.  Time to just relax for a while.

5.25 pm:  and guess what happens when you only have coleslaw and some pork for lunch?  BLOOD SUGAR LOW.  Damn I hate them.
Just had a couple of biscuits.  Still feeling dreadful.  Grrrr.

An unexpected visitor arrived at dinner time.  One of my Aunts from Auckland.  She is staying the night and heading off to Rotorua tomorrow for a rowing event.

So, a nice evening spent yakking to Joyce.  But now it's bedtime... so catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Yes go for the walk. You'll feel good afterwards that you did it. I'm off to a over 50s exercise class to see what it's like. Good luck Brylee.

  2. Go for the walk Chris, it will lift your spirits x

  3. Maria7:57 AM

    At the risk of upsetting you (sorry I don't mean too).I've noticed that you didn't have knee jerk reactions when you were eating right.

  4. There's always hope. My Dobby was the BIGGEST pig you can imagine, but now she's the one who cleans her room (not the live in boyfriend!) so yeah, don't give up :)

  5. Bugger about the sugar low I had one when I was up the shops on Tuesday so I went to dr office (other doc I use to have in chch didn't believe my levels and of course couldn't drive there when like it to prove) I already had an appointment booked for Friday so hopefully he will look into a 2.8 reading had a second low in the afternoon so felt like crap for rest of day hope by now your head ache is improved and level is also improved

  6. All my kids are slobs and so is their dad lol

  7. Only having had one child I'm biased I say BOYS RULE!


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