Sunday, January 27, 2019


Well... today I'm gunna sew just a few more little coasters I think.  Maybe 3 more of the farmyard placemats too?

I don't want to be sewing all day again though.  It's not good for me legs or feet, they swell up.

I need to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow's market too... and add my latest products to the boxes ready to go.  

If the weather is nice, and it's supposed to be, I want to do some swimming and sunbathing here at home.

Then later on, maybe visit our friends out at Lake Karapiro.  My Aunt and Uncle from Canada are out there as well, so it would be nice to see them again too.
But... let's just wait and see how the day pans out.

One thing is for sure, once I post this I'm gunna roll over and sleep in some more!  Hopefully Stew does too... he virtually never gets to sleep in, poor man.  He's always the one who gets up early for work, or drops Griffin off to work.

 ABOVE: Two Rotty placemats I finished yesterday, one sold to an FBG girlfriend already, and Griffin wants the other one.   *smiles*

 ABOVE: Lacy pointing out some spinning thingee at a park she visited yesterday. 
She said it was pretty wicked.

ABOVE: It was 'Australia Day' yesterday, so here is my adorable little Great Niece Joyce in her special Australia Day dress. Isn't she just gorgeous!  She's definitely got her Mummy's read hair!

Right ... time to roll over and catch a few more Zzzzzzzz's.


2.15 pm:   once I was sure my boxes of product were ready for tomorrow I went into my sewing room, ready to make a few more placemats and/or coasters.
And then I thought... Nope, I've got enough of them. What don't I have enough of?

And decided to make at least one more tree table runners... cos I only have ONE left!!!

ABOVE:  So, I am working flat out to get this one done and if I am up till midnight, I might even get a 2nd one done too!  But, I'm not sure about that yet.  It might not happen, there really is only so much one can get done in a day.

4.50 pm:  And it's done:

ABOVE:  It took me about 7 hours to make from absolute start to finish.  And knowing that, I'm not going to start another one because I know I COULD get it finished in time for tomorrow's market, but I would be utterly knackered.

And it's going to be tiring enough tomorrow doing the market, without starting the day exhausted.  So I'm making the call to take a break for the rest of the day.  

I might even jump in the pool now... cos the sun is finally out and it's still hot.

LOL... I didn't have a swim... I watched some tv, had dinner, helped Stew load the car in readiness for tomorrow, watered some potted plants outside and now... gunna blob out for the rest of the evening.


  1. Well done on all the placemats you are churning out there. Have you come across any of your fabric with a Hungarian Vizsla on it? If you have one of those, I might look at getting it for my cousin. Have a lovely day ahead and stay cool! (We've already hit 30 degrees here in Christchurch today)

    1. Sorry Paula, I never have seen that dog on fabric. IF I ever do... I will get it.

  2. Chris you amaze me !!!!

  3. Looks like you are well organised and stocked up for the market coming up. Is it a long weekend there for Anniversary weekend?

    Got a few friends leaving on a cruise tomorrow for 10 days round the North Island,,, and one of the girls was worrying about being cold after leaving behind 30 deg,,

    We assured her the weather is not cold at this time of the year and know all the ports they are going to ,so will follow on line and know they will love being in warm and beautiful NZ.

    Not long and school will be back and parents be back in routine again.

    Good Griffins job is going well and know Brylee will get a better job in the near future as she is keen to work and that will be easily picked up in her CV and interviews by a good Employer

  4. You are like me, incapable of relaxing (aka doing nothing).

    1. Incorrect babe, I am going to do NOTHING for the rest of the day! I'm trying to be sensible. I've got a big day tomorrow, so really shouldn't run myself into the ground for the sake of having one more table runner! But thanks for the compliment anyway *smiles*.

  5. You are industrious. I. Look how much you got done today! You were packed and ready to go ,and started and completed , a beautiful table runner. Starting your “nothing” at five pm after such a big day is kind of what I meant. You didn’t sit around today , you rallied!

  6. My Gosh! I was just reading our weather forecast and we are in for record lows in the next few days. Like negative 32 degrees. And while reading about this cold snap there was an article talking about Australia being 120 degrees IN THE SHADE! Are your girls still there? Have they melted? I know you said it was hot there - but that seems dangerous. The article said horses and cattle are dying! Have a fun Market today!

  7. Joyce what a cutie pretty in Pink.
    Should you raise your tables to help when sewing?


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