Tuesday, January 08, 2019


Yesterday while he was out, Griffin lost his wallet.


It had all his 'Christmas money' in it, a cheque from his Great Grandma, several gift cards and his bank card.  

He spent several hours searching for it in town, but to no avail.

He came home pretty crestfallen.  We were arranging to go into the bank in the morning to cancel the bank card and so on.

I rang my Mum to ask her to cancel the cheque too... BUT while on the phone with her a miracle happened!

An elderly gentleman had found the wallet and tracked Griffin down using his Student ID card in his wallet !!!!!!

AND he came around with it while I was talking to my Mum on the phone.  So I stopped talking to Mum and went out to thank the man for returning the wallet.

He extended his hand to shake mine and I said "Oh hell no...! "  and gave him a big, squishy hug.  *smiles*

There are some really GOOD people in the world.  

I won a lamp last night on 'Pay It Forward' too... so shall be hunting around for more to offer of mine too.  I just love the Pay It Forward page!

And now... how about a big...


He is 58 today, 
still a spring chicken.

Darling, I hope you have a wonderful day, I love you so  much.


First new fabric of 2019... and I didn't even buy it!

ABOVE:  A HUGE thank you to Michelle!  You are a lovely chick.

1.30 pm: Well Brylee and I went into Hamilton to find some fabric to make matching cushion covers for the new lounge cushion.
I didn't think I'd find anything that was a 'perfect' match...

ABOVE: But... I was wrong!  How close is that fabric?  Damn close enough, and the salmon pink will be as a contrast.

I'm thrilled with it.  I will be making the cushion covers later on tonight or even tomorrow ... cos right now the pool is calling me.

It's super hot today.

OH.... I did get something for Stew's birthday...

ABOVE:  Ha ha ha!  He got flowers and a flower painting, for the lounge.  OF COURSE he did!  
Doesn't he look super thrilled with his presents!

8.50 pm:  This afternoon we all had a swim, lay in the sun a bit ... not too much as it is brutal out there!  So hot.

I contemplated sewing but decided it was just too hot.  I did add the new flowers to the lounge room arrangement, they look great now.

I made another pineapple salad to go with chicken pieces and potatoes for dinner, followed by Chocolate and Red Velvet cakes.  Too rich.  But we all had some.

Now we are watching Sandra Bullock movies.  Summer movies... light weight but entertaining.

And that's about it for today... winding down.


  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 Dad xoxo 😘🎉🎁

  2. Thank goodness for good people. Griffin is so lucky because, sadly, the odds were against him seeing his wallet again! What a nice man. Happy Birthday Stew!

  3. Yes, there are good people in this world. We don't hear enough of the good people stories. How fortunate for Griffin :)
    Happy Birthday Stew!

  4. I lost both my wallet and credit card separately last year in Whitianga (I drove off with them on my roof after getting petrol). I didn't notice they were missing for about an hour and went straight to the local police station - both had already been handed in by two different people who found them in two different locations. I managed to thank them as they'd left contact numbers.

    I'm so glad Griffin got his wallet back now go and bank that cheque and stop carrying around all your cash etc in your wallet :)

  5. What a beautiful man some patron angel of Griffin was sure looking after that boy

  6. What a good guy! (wallet guy)
    Happy Birthday Stew! (a day after mine)

    1. A belated Happy Birthday Chick, I hope you had a lovely day.

  7. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you have a wonderful day. From Brylee

  8. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Happy Birthday to Stew...and so good Griffins wallet was found by an honest, kind person..


  9. Happy birthday to Stew, great fabric!

  10. Happy Birthday Stew!!! 🎁🎂

  11. Happy Birthday Stew.

    I bet Griffin is relieved that his wallet was found by such an honest gentlemen. It's lovely to hear good news stories like this. My brother had a similar experience a few years back when he was visiting from Auckland and dropped his wallet accidentally down at the beach. We were very relieved that he got it back.

  12. Happy Birthday Stu! Glad you got your wallet back!

  13. Ah now I thought stew would look good with the flowrr

  14. Glad Griffin got his wallet back.

    Happy Birthday Stew

  15. Happy birthday Stew. Griffin so pleased you got your wallet back. Love the door wish I was swimming in your pool oh yeah I have the lake lol.

  16. My fav female actress sandra bullit nor ro sire on the spelling.. but love her..

  17. Happy Birthday to Stew!

  18. Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and father! It is a blessing to know there really are a few good men left on earth.
    How wonderful that the wallet was found. Another good man maybe?


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