Wednesday, January 02, 2019


Well... today my eldest turns 40!

I can still remember having her... thought I was gunna die!  lol
Clearly it didn't put me off having 5 more.  *sigh*

So Amanda, have an awesome day.... and hopefully we will see you on Saturday at your party.

 ABOVE:  At the pump yesterday, the lowest price I've seen for petrol in years.  Usually the price goes up over the holidays... but for some reason it's held and even dropped!
I filled up me car, only cost $70.  Last time I filled it up it was well over $100!

I've no 'Resolutions' for this year.  NONE.
Not going to set myself up to fail.  I'm just gunna keep doing what I've been doing... and hope for the best.
Health and happiness... that's all I want.

Today Stew and I will be going into Hamilton to get the Barn Door hardware.  This time I am sure where we are going will have all we need.
Quite excited (again) to be finally getting a door for the lounge.

And on that score, I'm outta here... 


ABOVE:  I completely forgot to show this cute little mirror I 'won' yesterday off our local 'Pay It Forward' facebook page!

ABOVE: I found just the place to hang it too.. in this corner of the lounge.  It's one of my favourite corners in the house.

1 pm:  well that sucked.  We went into Hamilton and found the place we were wanting to buy the door stuff from... WAS CLOSED.  Grrrrr.... my fault.
I forgot today was a Public Holiday, and they are closed on Public Holidays.
Stoooopid Christmas Day falling on a Tuesday, mucked up my reasoning.  *sigh*

So we came home and I've been sewing.

Finally finished the 4th House Runner:

ABOVE:  And now I shall make a start on more placemats.
Next market is in 10 days.

ABOVE:  When you love your ball SO MUCH... you go to sleep with it in ya gob!  It's a wonder she doesn't get lock jaw.

I decided NOT to make placemats, I made coasters instead.  So, I've made half a dozen so far.  More will be done tomorrow... unless I get carried away 'supervising' Steve making our door.

He's meeting us in the morning in Hamilton, so he can be sure we get the right stuff I suppose!
At least this time we KNOW the damn shop will be open, and they will have what we want.  If not I might just SCREAM! 

11.50 pm:  It's been a really quiet evening, hot and muggy, so probably a sticky night tossing and turning.  Summer.  Fans on all the time.


  1. Happy New Year Chris to you and your family. It's 11:30 in the morning on new years day here. Seems like everyone has a cold here so it's debatable how many will show up for supper. Hoping for the best but understandable if some don't want to come. Have a great day and hope that you get everything you need for your new door!

  2. Love that wee corner and the new mirror . I can see that P.I.F. will be a gr8 place to trade for a change in all our things we dont need/use any more ..

    So neat to catchup with your blog and the photos speak a 1000 words ..
    Great Job.

    Cheers !!

  3. I love the price of petrol up your way ... we were still $2.019/litre in Christchurch yesterday. Hoping that you are having a lovely relaxing day.

  4. With my AA card BP was 10c a litre less today so that would be 183.9 - we got it for 185 last week and felt quite chuffed.


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