Monday, January 28, 2019


Omg I forgot to put up a post!!!   I'm at the market. It's going well. More later!!!!

It was quite late in the morning before Stew checked my blog and told me I had not put up a post!  I think that might be a first, as you said Felicity!

So sorry about that, I will try to never do it again.  In my defense, we were up pretty early and busy making sure we were ready for market in time.

THE MARKET:  Got down there at 7 am on the dot, and were ready to go by 8.15.

ABOVE:  All set up .... so lucky Stew stayed with me all day too.  It's so much easier with two of us.

ABOVE: By 10 am it was buzzing.  Lots of people.  And a lovely atmosphere.  This is the sort of market I really enjoy.  People are there to BUY stuff, not just wander the streets.

AND I saw and yakked with loads of my FGB friends, and a few patchwork ladies too!

The only 'blight' on the day was the wind.  It kept blowing things off me tables... so I will be sorting out how to stop that happening before my next market.

As for how did I do?  I did well.  Made several hundred dollars, so it was totally worth it.  That goes in the 'kitty' for next Christmas.  *smiles*

We packed up after 2 and were home by 3.  Tired but happy.

ABOVE: Poor Stew had the unenviable job of unloading the car.  He's such a good man.

We are now having a bit of a relax for a while, we deserve it.  

Lacy and Kelly arrive home from Australia tonight.  

 ABOVE:  A REALLY LOVELY photo of Kelly and my sister Lorraine. 

ABOVE:  And Lacy holding a rather DEAD spider, which they were told is a Wolf Spider.  I don't think I could even hold a dead one! Makes me want to scream and run!

So, there ya go, a proper update!  *smiles*

SHARON:  YES... I did jump in the pool ... so did Stew and Brylee.  It was deliciously cool, a great way to end the afternoon.

Stew cooked us a lovely dinner, and now I'm watching some mindless TV before bed.


  1. Lol, I seriously refreshed the page 4-5 times, thinking there was something wrong. Hahaha

  2. Glad it is going well.

  3. The absence of your post was noted ... ha ha ... ��. I checked just after 7am, then thought "Public Holiday" - maybe a mini sleep-in before market, and checked again at 8am ... then thought, "I hope nothing is wrong". Glad your day is going well. I hope you are making lots of sales! ��

  4. Wow that has probably been a first in what 14 plus years blogging Chris it must be close to that Sarah will 13 this august not that I'll see her (granddaughter)

  5. I see nz in a heatwave session being sent over from OZ so hope it was not too hot there at the markets.

    Having said that think the Sth Isle is having a fair share of the heatwave atm 35 in Cromwell etc etc

    Look in again tonight,,,, and hope all the other bloggers here are having a good day,, like we are here ..

  6. gr8 result for your hard work and gr8 your Stew was on hand to help .. Makes it so much easier.. Lovely pic of your sister and Kelly Nice one for your memory box.

    That was a quick trip for the girls,,, but better than not going at all,, AND no doubt they filled in every day and night with lots of new things to see and do.

    Now to R&R for you guys and all of us here over 40s (smiles)

  7. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Glad you had a good market day and nice weather for it.
    Nice photo of Lorraine and Kelly

  8. Glad the market went well for you. Looks like a lovely day too.

  9. Lacy is holding a Huntsman for sure. And a big one too. Those curled up legs would make it huge, ie: bigger than your hand with fingers included!!! Christy x

    1. Anonymous10:41 PM

      I would agree Christy, I would say it’s a huntsman

  10. Glad it went well lovely photo of your sister love her necklace bet you went for a swim...

  11. Yuck! (spider)
    Did you sell that tree table runner that you made yesterday?
    I am happy to hear that the market was good!

    1. Ha ha! No I didn't! But I did sell one of the colourful House Runners! Not a worry, it will certainly sell at some point, they are very popular.

  12. We did lots of googaling and we found it was a wolf spider as huntsman spiders have a smaller body and longer legs.. our auntie lori is pretty spot on when it comes to creepy creatures lol..

  13. the spider I am holding was literly just killed, so was still warm lol

  14. That's a really good day Chris. Really thrilled for you.

  15. I'm glad you had a good market day! We have wolf spiders here too, they are harmless but BIG


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