Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Brylee and I are heading over to Te Awamutu this morning.
She has her final driving lesson before sitting her practical test.
That will give me an hour to check out a couple of Op shops that I've not been in before.  

Lacy is heading off to Tauranga for the day (maybe night too).  She's on the hunt for a new bonnet for her car.  

Now, here's a question.... What's the BEST sort of WASP???




ABOVE:  a DROWNED one... or 8!  Stupid wasps, all trying to get a drink at sunset... and they DIE.    Best thing ever... a dead wasp.  Shit I hate them!  I was in the pool with Stew and Brylee +yesterday afternoon, and Stew said to me "Keep Still, don't move" and I said "Why?" 

And Brylee said cos I had a wasp on my back!

I didn't keep still, and I sure in hell moved!

In fact I freaked out!  Luckily for me the bloody thing flew off before I managed to get stung by trying to swipe it off.  *Phew*

ABOVE:  Looking fatter in the face... ice cream!  Derrr... what was I thinking last night?
But... on a happier note,  ain't the pool lovely and clean!  I'm thrilled at how crystal clear it is looking.

I check the water quality every day, so it should be clear!

And that's all for now.... I will endeavor to get some photos of Te Awamutu today. 

It's supposed to be another glorious day today... once the morning clouds bugger off.


4 pm:  And what can I say about today?
It started well.

Brylee and I had a nice drive over to Te Awamutu.  

ABOVE:  A little video of her driving through Te Awamutu before we met up with the driving instructor.

Then it went a bit downhill from there.

The Driving Instructor is not the same man who's been teaching Brylee.... JUST. AS. WELL.  Cos we quickly found out that Brylee has several critical GAPS in her driving abilities.

Enough to fail her very quickly in the 'real test'.  So the instructor is going to give her another LONG lesson tomorrow morning before her test.

IF she fails, I will be asking for some free lessons from the AA, as their 'instructor' failed Brylee.  The man who took her today is also with the AA, but he has many years experience as an instructior AND he used to do the tests too.  

He said Brylee has most of the skills necessary to pass the test, but there are those things she hasn't been taught that could cause her to fail.  With any luck she can pick them up tomorrow morning!

So ... after her lesson today, we went into Hamilton for a few necessities for me sewing, then we came home and jumped in the pool.
It is a STINKING HOT DAY again.

9.06 pm:  and 'hic'... three girlfriends came around after dinner for a swim... and a yakkity yak.  It was LOVELY.  We even had a wine... and cos I'm a one glass wonder... I'm a little pickled.
I HAD ONE GLASS!  God I'm a bloody light weight.

Anyway, it's been a really neat evening.  I STILL can't get over having so many friends!!!  Like, real ... real friends.
Seriously, it makes my life so much BETTER.  
............... Yes, I'm a sad git.

They have left now, and it's time to relax and chill for a while.  It's been so hot at night... didn't help that I baked chicken in the oven and it made the kitchen/family room SO HOT!

Time to sign off for the day, it's been a funny sorta day.  Up's and down's.  Ending happily though.


  1. ohhh Op coming 😊 I can head off to Tga after 👍

  2. You might try giving the wasps their own water feeding station. Last summer I noticed we were getting a lot of wasps coming into the kitchen to drink from the tap so I set up a shallow bowl filled with water with stones in it so they don't fall in and drown. After I gave them their own water, they stopped coming into the kitchen. If you set one up, it will serve your local bees and other beneficial insects.

    1. I do already have a large shallow dish of water in the garden for birds and insects.... thanks for the suggestion though.

  3. Phew - I thought there was going to be a fender bender story or something. When is her test? I failed mine the first time. Lots of people do. But her instructors should be covering the things on the test - !!!!! Do you have to parallel park and 90 degree back up and all of that?

  4. Her test is tomorrow afternoon. Yes she will have to do all of that and more!

  5. It been too hot here today even for the pool its direct sun so burnt little bodies so gonna go out soon .

  6. Lovely posts again today .. did a reply on another device at lunchtime , but seems it didnt go through .

    Gave me choices name or google acct so tried what I thought was right???.(smiles)

    That one is still in learning stages,,, and on hotter than usual days ,,,the brain is kinda slow

    time I went for a cool spa like you did a cool swim Great you are all getting so much pleasure and use out of it

    Looks lovely and clear and clean,,, and NO you cant see on your unlined face,,, that Ice Cream from last night did any damage

    Take Care


  7. When my daughter went for her test we found out afterwards that the pass rate is only 54% which shocked me as thought it would be WAY higher. ( don’t tell Brylee as I don’t want to freak her out).

  8. Lordy driving tests stressful but necessary.
    Drowned wasp is a good wasp.


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