Friday, January 18, 2019


First thing this morning Brylee and I are heading into Hamilton.

Brylee has an orthodontist appointment, one of many to come.

Today I think she is having x-rays taken, and a mold of her teeth made.

Once that is done we will come home and I will get stuck into some sewing.

I keep saying I'm going to sew, then end up doing anything but!

Yesterday I spent all day tidying up, doing washing, moving furniture and so on!

Today I don't plan on doing any housework at all!

I expect my Aunt to have left for Rotorua by the time I get home again. She was the first person to stay in the lounge with A DOOR. *smiles*

She said our door was brilliant! I concur.

I'm still really chuffed with it.

And now.. I better get moving. We are going to get caught up in traffic going into Hamilton at 8 in the morning, so better not dilly dally.


Right. The orthodontist appointment went like this:

- Arrive.

- Brylee gets the mold mixture put in her mouth.

- She gags. And gags. And gags.

- Brylee repeatedly taps the dentist's arm to warn him she is gunna vomit.

- Dentist tells her to stop touching him!

- Brylee stands up and vomits all of her breakfast into the sink!

LOL.... the dentist told me it was the first time in over 20 years (and only the 2nd time ever) someone has vomited in his room!

So... next time she goes, on Valentines Day (Feb 14th), she is getting her braces on. And she is NOT allowed to have any breakfast before hand! *smiles*

So an eventful visit!

After that, we go to The Base for some morning tea. And Brylee eats a small amount of food, then goes GREEN/WHITE and vomits in the Food Court... and walking to the bathroom... IKKKKkkk.

Poor kid.

Then we get in my car and I hand her plastic bags with strict instructions NOT to vomit in my car! Or at least do it into the bags.

We picked up more pool chemicals while in town... cos our little pool has a definite GREEN TINGE to it!

It needed a chlorine shock and Ph adjustment.

That's now been done, so hopefully by this afternoon it will be crystal clear again.

I had a dreadful night's sleep last night, tossed and turned and felt ill ... so I'm shattered today. I don't feel like doing anything much right now. Things just get on top of me and I worry and get so stressed out over stuff.

Hopefully the day gets better now

I've had a very quiet couple of hours.  I needed it.  I even dozed off a couple of times, till the dogs heard 'something' and barked their bloody heads off.  Grrrr.

I've decided not to cook tonight, I just don't have the energy or inclination.  STEW... takeaways thanks.  *smiles*

OH!  So happy to report our pool is looking amazing again!  That was quick.

It's the end of the day... it's been a freakin' hot evening.  We had KFC for dinner, bad choice but I just couldn't be arsed cooking.  
Will try to do better tomorrow.


  1. Omg Brylee you poor thing!

  2. I also gag during the mold taking process. They put gunk in the tray and jam it in your mouth and the gunk goes down the back of your throat. I have had my dentist in a panic and they usually adjust something so I calm down - I never vomited, but nearly so! I gag brushing my BACK teeth. So, Brylee, I COMPLETELY understand. And Dumb Dentist - Listen when a young lady taps you - there is a REASON! You are supposed to interpret what people need when they can't talk. Serves him right! Next time vomit on HIM!

    And Diet Coke, I also get completely stressed out about things. Over thinking, and dwelling on whatever the issue is.... I understand you today, too!
    Hope tomorrow is better for both of you!

  3. I am totally with Brylee,,, and she was so good even staying there, as its a most uncomfortable feeling and the overflow of the paste stuff has nowhere to go except down the back of your throat..

    That area that causes us to gag /.Its not like chewing soft food.. and swallowing .. Its a terrible feeling.

    So happy its all behind her now ,and you were there Mum to support her...

    Enjoy the pool for some R&R you and Brylee sure need it..

    Take care and enjoy the weekend with Stew and Griffin and all home

  4. Oh dear, feel better Brylee. Have a good weekend Chris.

  5. Now funny I vomit at the dentist's they always nake me the last appointment.


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