Tuesday, November 06, 2018


This morning I'm going into Hamilton with the kids.

First stop will be Spotlight for more batting, so I can continue with the placemats.

Then we will be going to The Base.  Griffin, bless his heart, has to get some more shoes.

Because he skateboards everywhere around town... to school... and so on... he RUINS the soles of his shoes in quick smart time!  Seriously, he makes huge holes in the bottoms of his shoes. AND then his socks get massive holes in them too!  

Over the next year he hopes to get his license, and a run around car (same with Brylee), then his shoes won't wear out so fast!  I must get a photo of his shoes, to show you... later.

Yesterday, because I wanted to watch the TV in my sewing room MORE than I usually do, now that I can use NETFLIX in there,  I needed to re-arrange my room a bit.

I sit at the sewing machine AND the long table A LOT, so wanted to be able to see the TV from both places.  Which meant moving stuff around.

It took a bit of working out, but I did it:

 ABOVE:  Works!  And surprisingly, I seem to have way more room in there now!
Weird, cos there's just as much in there as before I moved it around.

ABOVE: This is the other side of the room, really messy!  But, it is what it is... a work room.

I'd kill for a bigger room to work in, but there isn't one.  I've thought of taking over the lounge, but it's just too nice a room to use for a sewing room!

And we do use it as a lounge and/or spare bedroom fairly often.

So, me sewing room has to do!  *smiles*

OH!  One thing I do need to suss out, just remembered.

Now that I'm facing the window in the sewing room, I'm affected by the light coming in the window.  It's pretty darn bright.  I am going to investigate getting an anti-glare blind for the window, that way I cut out the glare, but can still see outside.  I will do that later on... on me computer.  Let me fingers do the 'walking' and all that. lol

And well... that's about all I have for now, so catch ya later.


WELL!!!!  Guess what I did?

I fell back to sleep and didn't wake up till 10 am!!!!!!   That doesn't happen very often I can tell you.
Both the kids were gobsmacked.  I'd told them we were going into town at 9.30, AT THE LATEST.  

Ha ha ha.  So, we are just getting ourselves sorted out now, and will be leaving in the next few minutes I suppose.  But first, gotta get me face on.

ABOVE:  might as well show you some of the placemats I just finished too.  I think the little calves are ADORABLE!

1.25 pm:  And we are back from Hamilton. A very successful trip I must say.
Griffin got his new shoes.
Brylee got her new phone.

And I got my batting and more backing fabric.  The fabric was on sale at Spotlight, so I saved 40% on that.   They didn't have the batting I wanted (how UNUSUAL, NOT!), so I went to David's Emporium in town and they had it for the same price as Spotlight's 'on sale' price.  So I am happy as Larry too.

Time to take a break for lunch, then I will be sewing again... and watching The Crown on Netflix!  Sheesh I love Netflix!  Why, oh why, didn't we get it earlier???

TRACY:  HA HA HA! The kids didn't 'let' me sleep in, those little buggers were still in bed themselves!  They don't get outta bed until they are either busting for a pee or starving!

10.34 pm:  And I'm wondering, how many Series/Episodes are there in The Crown?  Cos I've been watching it all day long, and am really enjoying it. 

AND... I've been sewing all afternoon and evening too... I've done 9 placemats entirely and have 7 more to do the top stitching on, then they are done too.
Then there's two EXTRA big placemats to do and I think I will be done for now.

All that sitting is playing havoc with my legs and feet... they are so swollen!

Tomorrow I will have to take a break from sitting on me bum sewing all day and night.

I'm bloody tired... off to bed soon.


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    All 4 of my boys were skateboarders and I found buying proper skateboarding shoes like Vans with the thicker sole and designed for skateboarding helped a lot.

  2. The rearranging looks great Chris. Hope the shoes are sorted.

  3. Spotlight has their blinds on sale at the moment. Check them out when you get batting (which is also on sale!)

  4. My boys go through shoes more than i do! have you thought about maybe just tinting the window? You can buy it at Bunnings. Works a treat.

  5. Your body obviously needed that sleep, glad the kids let you have that sleep in :-).

  6. I loved the Crown... I have no idea why you didn't have Netflix earlier!! I log in and watch it on my computer if I'm in the kitchen - no need to watch it only on the TV. The trouble with Netflix (or is it the beauty of Netflix) you start watching and can't stop so end up watching three or more episodes in one go! That's even got a name - Netflixing.

    1. In the past two days I've watched all 10 episodes of Series One, and 5 of Season Two! I think that's called 'Netflixing then! lol

    2. Sure is!! There are only two seasons but another one is being made. What will you watch when you've finished that?

  7. Audrey10:46 PM

    In Netflix, if you click on more episodes it will tell you how many series and how many episodes. On the right hand side.

    1. Thanks Audrey... I'm still learning how to use NETFLIX... all I can do it turn it on and start me programme! Even then I stuff it up sometimes. I have to use my phone in the sewing room and it's quite hard to figure it out. I suppose I will eventually. *smiles*

  8. Love the Crown. I'm all caught up lol. I have watched so many series while I sew!


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