Saturday, November 17, 2018


Well... as I am not doing the market today... I have no plans!

Both kids are home today too... until midday when Brylee has work.

Sooooo.... perhaps a family outing is a good idea, but maybe not with Brylee in tow.

Only, I've no idea what we can do.

So, I will rack my brains and see what I can come up with.

Until then... I will get some washing on, make the bed, bla bla bla.

Oh, I rang Para Rubber yesterday to see if our pool has arrived in the country, and it has.  It is expected in Hamilton next week... so that's exciting!

I will need to get an electrician to come here soon and install an outdoor power point so we can plug in the pool filter.  Then we will be good to go.

It's going to be so good having a pool to cool off in.  It is starting to get damn hot!

AND I plan on putting a narrow garden around the pool too.. using 'soft' plants.  Ones that can't be used by kids to stand on and climb up the pool sides on.  Like ferns/flaxes ... or flowers.  Not sure yet, but I want it to be pretty.

It will give me a project to get my teeth into ... cos I really do like to be doing something besides housework/cooking/sewing and so on around here. 

Though... I do want to re-paint the spare bedroom's walls at some point.  *smiles*

And that's all I have to yabber on about for now... so catch ya later.


Pfffff!... we went into Hamilton and got the groceries!  Then home, unpacked them, made lunch... and now I'm binge watching Home and Away!
There's probably 2 weeks worth of episodes to watch.  And that's all I'm gunna do.

THEN I'm going to read a women's magazine... cos I bought one at the supermarket too.

First one I've bought all year.  Utter rubbish and bullshit stories in them ... but I'm having ma day off everything right now.  *smiles*

So, I've spent the afternoon/evening photographing my latest projects and putting them on my Facebook pages... so hopefully I might sell a few things there.

And now I'm going to sign off for the day and and just relax for a while before bed.


  1. Have a lovely day - the weather is brilliant here. Remember that you will still need access to the pool from the sides for cleaning (scooping leaves etc) so make sure you can still do that with the garden you put in. I can see you in that pool every day!!

  2. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Hi as you like to be busy and seem to have heaps of energy maybe you could have a part time job in a sewing/fabric shop now that the children as getting off your hands ? your experience would be invaluable in such a situation...


  3. plants that will tolerate the chemicals of the pool water no doubt there will be some splashing happening esp when that steve gets in the pool lol

  4. We had a couple of inflatable pools, they're great, but only last about as long as the warranty. I need to invest in a "real" pool.
    Enjoy tour free day!

  5. Taupo has Saturday markets Rotorua too might be worth a look.Enjoy your day.

  6. Even a small pool,,(thats not Olympic size) when its hot,,, is better than no pool,,,

    , and I am sure with you guys Kiwi ingenuity,, all will be gr8 on the day.

    .Your section is so nice and love seeing it form to you ones tastes and personalities..

    We always shopped for a larger family too ,,now we have 6 person covered spa,, that in winter(anytime its awesome) and then we can adjust and summer we have cool as!!

    Its all swings and roundabouts in life and its good to change as we go (smiles)

    our garden is loaded with mauve Agapanthus in full flower since weve come home, about 30 of them, and Jacaranda the same in full flowers SO go the Mauves !!!

    I know the markets will work out one way or the other ,,,and love the others suggestions if you can travel,,, to those lovely places too.

    (makes me homesick lol)


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