Thursday, November 29, 2018


Last night I should have sorted out the backing fabric for the table runner I'm working on.
But I just could not be arsed.

I really felt ikkk.  Serve me right really, I'd not eaten properly yesterday.  Should have known better.  Grrrrr.

So, when I get outta bed (like SOON), I will see if I have anything suitable to use as the backing fabric ... if not I will be going into Hamilton (AGAIN) to get some.

ABOVE: This was last night's walk photo.  I was already starting to feel really sick... and HOT as hell!
The symptoms of a blood sugar low are so horrible!  I am going to do my best to never  have any more!

If I need to go into Hamilton, it won't be until the pool guy has been again.  He better turn up!  The hose is leaking even worse now than before he 'fixed it' yesterday!

I am hoping that the weather turns and it gets warm enough to go swimming soon!
The kids are dying to jump in... but NOT BEFORE ME! 

The first swimmer is going to be ME. lol

So... it's sewing for me again today.  And eating properly.  No more skipping meals and living off peanuts!  Yeah, I've been a bit naughty lately.

Now... I have a funny little story:

Last night, when Lacy and I got in my car after the FBG walk, I was still quite hot and shaky from the blood sugar low, right?

I started driving, and said to Lacy "Wow my hair is all wet at the back"  (from sweating badly right?)

And I flipped my ponytail forward to show Lacy how wet it was...

ABOVE:  Yep, just like that!

ONLY... I quickly realised that covering your face with your hair while DRIVING isn't actually a good idea eh?

LOL... Lacy called it my 'blonde moment'... and it really was.  In my defense though, I was still in the middle of a blood sugar low and wasn't thinking straight, it wasn't JUST a blonde moment!  REALLY.

So anyway .... maybe I won't do that again.  *smiles*


Right, that worked.

We are in for a storm!

ABOVE:  I just took these photos (8.45 pm) tonight.  Shame I filled the pool to the max today, I think it's going to be overflowing by morning.

AND we are supposed to have bad weather for the next few days too.

Lacy is acting like she's never seen a stormy sky before, such a twit.

And on that score, I'm signing off for the day.
Got heaps done today...  and am happy with my day.


  1. lol was really blikned funny tho lol 😂

  2. You do look unwell in the photo. A good reminder to eat properly especially before a walk. Hope it doesn't happen again for you. And yeah, driving like an old english sheepdog is probably not the wisest but very funny!

    1. haha an old English sheep dog lol 😂 but it was so funny lol

  3. Hey you no 1. Gotta look after you.

  4. haha but it went really dark really fast and like wooow man, spookie lol 😂 😂 😂 #herecomesastorm

  5. Beautiful stormy sky

  6. Please don't drive when low. There's a rule - "5 to drive" meaning your blood sugar must be above 5. Not sure how that translates to your blood sugar measurements (if you use the version of counting like the US or more like Canada)....or if there is a different one for NZ. However, please be careful - we don't want anything to happen to you!!!!

  7. Anonymous2:20 PM

    check out that sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the video update!!

  8. Figures you get a pool and the weather goes to shit lol


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