Friday, November 09, 2018


So, I was thinking about my walk photos... and I was sure I had one from last year with a horse.  
Similar to the one taken on Wednesday night. 
So I hunted it down...

ABOVE: And there it is.  Taken in September last year.  And this is the one taken this year (with a horse)...

ABOVE:  Taken 14 months later.  NOW I can sure see a difference.  In me.  And it's a nicer looking horse too!  lol

Sometimes you need a comparison to boost your motivation.  

Now today, I am heading off to Hamilton, meeting up with Sue #1 and we are going out to Sue #2's for lunch.
It's simply AGES since I spent time with the Sue's!

I can't wait to see them. They are just lovely girls to hang out with.

I'm gunna leave the teenagers to their own devices, I'm sure they can look after themselves.


4.21 pm:   And I'm finally home from my lovely day out!
I took a few photos, which I will need to download and edit, then I can share some on here.
But not right this minute.

I have to take Brylee to work soon, then sort out dinner.  THEN I have a walk at 7 pm.

SOooo... it might be a bit later on before I can do a proper update of my day.

Sorry about that... but I will get to it!  *smiles*


ABOVE:  The Sue's and me.

 ABOVE:  Sue #2 and I, looking over the garden.

ABOVE: Our lovely lunch, chicken and salad.  I even tried some Cranberry drink, which was very nice.

 ABOVE:  Sue's goats.  The one lying down looked dead, or heavily pregnant.  She was neither!  Just sleeping.

 ABOVE: Looking across the garden, what is that goat doing?

 ABOVE:  Crazy goat, she's in a lush field of grass and she's eating the tree!
Daft animal.

 ABOVE:  Sue's pond, with their Loch Ness Monster. 

ABOVE: The view from the upstairs balcony... Sue's son is getting married in this garden in 3 weeks.  Sue and her husband have worked their butts off getting it looking so gorgeous for the big day.

ABOVE:  Some pretty cows up the road from Sue's.  They were quite friendly too.

ABOVE:  On our way back into Hamilton, Sue # 1 and I stopped here for a little wander.

 ABOVE:  The Area is populated by many, many chickens and ducks! The chickens are very tame, and don't even bother to move away half the time!

 ABOVE: Sue # 1 telling me all about the Redwood trees that are in a circle around her.
It's a very pretty nature park.

 ABOVE:  Hamilton's version of Stonehenge!  lol

 ABOVE:  More of the cute wildlife.  Some of those birds were super colourful.

ABOVE:  Pretty foliage, and a funky tree trunk.

And that's all I have... I actually forgot my 'good' camera, so I had to use my phone.  The photos are not too bad for a phone camera!

I got home from the FBG walk about half an hour ago.  Sadly, we missed a couple of streets, so it was a really short walk.  I will post the walk photo tomorrow.  It's a bit 'different' this time. 

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You are a shrinking violet. Well done on your achievement so far. Have a great day with the two Sues.

  2. Great before and after pics. You are rocking this!

  3. Definitely a change to be proud of!

  4. Lacy Harvey9:52 AM

    Wow big change Ma 😊 told ya your work is paying off, Gorgeous Granny 😙 😊

  5. Wow, what a difference - you should be very proud of what you've achieved.

  6. Wow, that is a huge change! Historical record for the win..

  7. Terrific change! You're doing so well! Bravo

  8. enjoy your lunch with the girls great photo comparison chick

  9. fab pics b4 and afters,,, Cant wait to see review with the 2 Sues (smiles) Always good fun and pics that follow..

    Colourful pics always uplift the day!!!


  10. Chris. Had to comment. You look half the size. Be proud and celebrate. You are doing amazing and are very inspiring.

  11. Wow! So proud of and pleased for you 😊

  12. Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and judging, your a skinny bitch compared with your younger self. You are doing amazing things with your health and your fitness every day, just stay your course and before you know it they will be asking you to do the photo shoots for the retirement village I send you to, your life is on the up and up (and I'm not just talking about your age).

    1. The Retirement Village I am going to is called YOUR FUCKING HOUSE ! And don't you forget it... cos I probably will. lol

  13. O Chris, I am So very proud of you for all of your hard work and brave accomplishments! You need to be So Very proud of your beautiful self.! Those kids of yours have grown like weeds are are SO beautiful and handsome! It must be your genes! ~smile~ You are a true inspiration . Love that beautiful sewing you have been into!I love you chick, keep doing what you are doing.

  14. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Hi great pics of your day...big difference in your pics you are doing so well...all that walking I get tired and sore just thinking about


  15. I love Steve's comment :) Wow Chris, what an amazing difference - you really are a different person to last year. You really are living your best life in every way :)

  16. What beauty everywhere!

  17. Anonymous2:03 PM



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