Monday, November 12, 2018


Today I am going to the Patchwork group!
Yep... as I'm still a financial member, I can go whenever I want.
And so, I'm gunna go and see if anything has changed.  AND pay for the Christmas Lunch meeting.
I plan on going to it cos I missed last year's one.  

Once I get home again I will be .... friggin well sewing!  I have an order for a particular Soup Bowl Cosy, and I want to get a few more placemats done before next Saturday's market.

Brylee goes back to see the Podiatrist this afternoon.... should be her final check up on her toes.  All going well that is.

 ABOVE:  Just a funny to start the day, in lieu of any photos for the day... so far.

ABOVE:  And this is worth posting too.  I have certainly vowed to not go into debt getting Christmas presents for everyone ever again!  
From now on I am just getting little things for my grandkids.  No one else.  It's just too expensive.

Maybe a gift exchange for all the adults?  A secret swap type thing... could be fun!

And that's enough waffling... I'm off to start me day.


I'm pleased to say Patchwork was NICE today!  I didn't feel unwelcome at all, and I had lots of lovely conversations with various ladies.  I think some were a bit surprised to see me back, but that's OK.  I might even go again next time! lol

Now that I'm home I'm having some lunch, then getting on with some 'real' sewing on the machine.  I don't take my sewing machine to the patchwork group any more, it's just too heavy.

5.25 pm:  Turns out the worst one of Brylee's toes is not quite right yet, so she has to go back again next week.
But all it going well... just not healing quite a quick as expected.

I've been sewing... well mostly cutting out fabric all afternoon.

ABOVE:  I made two cat soup bowl cosy's, and cut out another 15 to sew up this week.

I got a good idea for scraps today at Patchwork group:

ABOVE:  Zig Zag join all ya scraps together and make a baby's floor rug!  Not bad.  I can see one or ten of them in my future!  lol

Now... I better get going and make dinner.  As soon as it's made I will be getting ready for my FBG walk tonight.

Gotta walk!  If I stop I am sure I will just get fatter.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  Tonight's walk photo, taken by the walk leader using her phone... the walk was 5.5 kms long and we took just over an hour to do it. There were a few hills involved, so a good workout.
I took a photo too:

ABOVE: Taken with my Samsung phone... clearly a better camera!  

And that's me day done and dusted!  It's been a really good day.
Lots of variety in my day today. 


  1. In my family the adults draw names and we set a $50.00 limit per gift (I live in the States.) One year we asked everybody to give a gift card for that amount, threw all the gift cards in a big bowl and we all reached in and pulled one out. That was fun and we may do that again.

  2. glad u enjoyed patch work this morning nice to go and feel u made welcome I use to go to a card group in chch and everytime I told myself I wasnt goin again and still I wnet back to be made feel unwelcome glad eventually I came to my senses have a lovley afternoon

  3. Hubby's family gave to siblings (he had 6 sisters), once the siblings had kids then the kids got the gifts and there was a limit of $5 per gift. Unfortunately bu the time we had kids gift giving had finished.
    I haven't abandoned you but every time i comment using my phone or Ipad the comment seems to disappear.

  4. That zig zag stuff is cute you could use it for lap blankets, place mats, mug rugs and all the other stuff you make. It does not have to relegated to the floor.

  5. Have you seen the Makeup bags that are kind of like your soup bowl warmer? They've been popping up in my Facebook feed. I reckon they would sell like hot cakes for Christmas presents. This is what one kind of looks like. But I am guessing you could put your on touch on one

  6. Like you need another project like a hole in the head! LOL

  7. Are you doing the bowl cozies in all cotton so they can go in the microwave? That's what has been holding me back from making them lol.


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