Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Well... yesterday afternoon Kelly was kind enough to bring out the 2nd of the three boxes containing our pool.  So ... today Stew has the afternoon off work, and he's bringing home the last box.

And then, he might be able to assemble it!
That will depend on the weather I suppose.

Not sure what it's doing ... it's so changeable right now.

ABOVE:  This arrived in the post!  My Mum went to a shop having a big sale and bought it all for me!
I'm a bit spoilt... I will be able to use ALL those threads eventually.  She also got me two bundles of flannel fat quarters and a length of lovely cat fabric too.  OH yes, and some new flannels for the bathrooms. 

THANKS MUM *smiles* 

Some awesome news too... late last night I got a message from a Market organiser saying I could get a site at their Christmas Market on 8th December, at the Tamahere Community Hall!

It's NOT the 'normal' Tamahere market that I didn't get a site at.  It's a new market.

They had one in November and apparently it went really well.  So I'm hopeful the December one will be good too. 

It will be a very busy three days, as I am babysitting for Steve and Bex on the Friday night, then coming home to do the Tamahere Christmas market on Saturday morning, then I have the Cambridge market on Sunday! 

Yaaaa... no chance of getting bored eh.  *smiles*

This morning I have an FBG walk on at 9.30. edit:  once out of bed I actually felt awful, so decided not to go.  First one I've canned in a while!  But I just feel all woozy and lacking energy right now.  

Brylee has an appointment with an orthodontist at 10 am.
With any luck she will get braces soon.  

We took her to an orthodontist in Auckland for 2 years when she was younger, she had to wear a brace (plate with wires) for all that time, but we knew she would need the full monty (rail way tracks) once all her adult teeth were in.  

So... now her teeth can be straightened properly at last.  Hopefully she doesn't need any extractions!

And that's all for now!  Time to start the day... and yeah, get outta bed.  lol


Well... we have been to the Orthodontist, and now await his quote.

Then Stew got home and we (just the two of us) went out for lunch.
Went to Paddock again and had a beef burger each.  WORST BURGER EVER.

A bun, some wet, crushed tomato that came out of a can, a SMALL tasteless beef burger, a slice of what looked like plastic cheese and two pieces of gherkin (which I hate) ... oh and a spoonful of aioli.

Yep.. that's all that was in it!  We ate half the bun and the pathetic contents, and as far as I'm concerned ... I won't be going there again.

NO way should you have the bloody cheek to charge $15 for something that was almost tasteless and totally not worth even $3.

Very disappointed.  Wish I'd thought to take a photo of it to show you.

Got home in time to turn around and take Brylee to her Podiatry check up.  Her toes are still not healing properly.  There's talk of another procedure to get them right.  GREAT.  

She lives in socks/shoes or slippers (thick ones)... no wonder her toes ain't healing, they never see air!

Stew has read up on the pool installation, seems he has to dig all the grass up where the pool is going!  This is supposedly so no grass grows under the pool lining?  

And yeah nah, Stew's decided he ain't digging it up, he's just going to mow it really low. There is no way grass will grow UNDER the pool lining, not with the weight of the water on top of it.

We all know everything dies under even a kid's paddle pool if it's left on the grass too long.  Derrr.  

I did some sewing this morning.  Made a couple of placemats, then decided to start a cot quilt.  (for sale)  No babies coming my way in the form of a new grand baby for a very long time now by the look of it.  SAD.

5.50 pm:  And Stew and Griffin are out there in the pouring rain... assembling the pool.  The lining is put together, now they have to assemble the filter and get it attached to the pool.
Then they have to fill it!  
After that they put the solid sides around it.  And somehow I doubt that will get done today!
It's getting wetter and wetter out there, and soon it will be dark.

Bit of a shame we couldn't have started it first thing this morning, then at least it might have been half way done.

As I thought, the pool is nowhere near done.  But we have put some water in it.  But not much.
It's now almost midnight and I'm ready for bed... it's damn cold!
I finished the cot quilt too!
Will show you tomorrow.


  1. Lacy Harvey7:06 AM

    Morning DCR World 😊

  2. hope u r feeling bit brighter Chris-and hope Brylee appointment went well

  3. Do you have to pay for braces there? I wish I would have got them for my oldest but couldn't afford them at the time. I've offered to get them for her now but so far she hasn't taken me up on it.

  4. Make sure that the ground is 100% level. Perhaps this is why they suggest digging the grass? When we put one down years ago we had to end up draining it and then reinstalling it as it wasn't totally level. A little work now might say a lot later on :)

    1. It is level. The suggestion of digging up the grass was so no 'hardy' grass would grow up into the lining. Might apply overseas ... but not here I reckon.

    2. Level is the main thing you need to concern yourself with. I can't imagine our type of grass growing up through a pool! You could always weed spray it all first I suppose if it really is going to happen.

  5. You should not have to pay for food that is so appalling, my son is a chef and if something is not right he always says something. You have your rights Chris. Next time, if it looks bad, tell them and ask for a refund, they don’t deserve your money. Just downright couldn’t care less attitude.

    1. Yeah... but I don't like complaining to anyone's face... don't like confrontation! And I'm always scared that if you complain they will take it away and 'fix' it with spit!

  6. Pack that pool away! It's done nuffink but piss down since ya got it out of the box 😂


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