Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Today's plans go like this:

Get off me butt and go for a walk with the FBG's.  Followed by morning tea with the girls afterwards.

Then home to continue working on that Red and Silver Tree Table Runner.
I don't expect to get it finished today, but who knows?
I am making excellent progress on it, that's for sure.

IF Lacy is awake early enough, I might drag her out on the FBG walk too.  I have no idea what her plans are, nor do I care really.
She's her own boss.

OH (just remembered)!  
We have been trying to talk to the Manager at Para Rubber since last week about the leaking  pool filter hose.
He's never in the shop!  So today I am going to bombard them with phone calls until I get to talk to the manager.  It's just not good enough!

We've paid thousands of dollars for a pool that has an issue.  And we feel like the Manager is ignoring us.  OR he simply hasn't been told?

Either way, not good enough.

Stew turned the filter on last night.  I fully expected it to not work or cause the leak to become a flood.  LUCKILY, that did not happen.
It worked. 

I put the floating chlorine dispenser in the pool last night too.  One step closer to actually SWIMMING IN IT.

It's rather exciting people!  *smiles*

Now... I am going to get ready for the walk.  It's only a short walk this morning which is good as I'm still so tired!  It really took the stuffing out of me, sewing for hours on end yesterday!


Before I headed out for my walk, I rang Para Rubber.  And the Manager is going to call in this morning and have a look at the pool problem.

So of course, he came while I was out walking.  But, he sorted it out apparently.
When I got home I went out to look at the 'problem' area... and BUGGER ME!!!!

STILL LEAKING.  So I rang them again.  Seems it wasn't leaking when he left here.  So now, he's coming back AGAIN tomorrow morning.

I am praying we have not got the LEMON.  Why does this keep happening to us?  Are we jinxed?

I'm now sewing.  Up to the quilting part.  Then I need to make more binding.  Bla bla bla.

ABOVE:  Today's walk photo.  Sorry you guys have to keep seeing walk photos, but it's more for ME,  MY record of them.
OMG!  I was looking at my lower right leg in this photo thinking ... shit my leg is ENORMOUS!  But upon zooming in I realised that Pip is behind me (bending down) and it's her leg behind mine!  Phew!  Didn't think my legs were quite that big!  lol

Been sewing, just made a dumb rookie mistake... probably because I'm tired.  *sigh*
So I'm taking a break.
And luckily, the mistake is fairly easily fixed.
Just adds time to the project.

Stew took a little video of what I'd got done yesterday and showed the woman who's ordered this runner... and she LOVES IT.  Phew, thank goodness.

ABOVE:  Thank goodness all the stitching is done!  Now I need to put the backing fabric on... Yeah.  That was the 'mistake'... I forgot to add the backing fabric before doing the quilting!  Really dumb mistake. 
Now I will have to do another row of quilting around all the trees to hold the backing fabric on!

Then make and attach the binding.  This time, I will be machine stitching on the binding!  No more spending hours hand stitching!

So, this morning's walk was quite short, so as it's a nice cool evening, I'm now off on another one... this time it's a 5 km walk.  Lacy is coming too.

And... that kinda backfired on me!
As it was a total spur of the moment walk, I forgot that I'd not had anything to eat for hours.... and well... 3/4's of the way through the walk I had a massive blood sugar low.

OMG it was pretty bad.  Possibly one of my worst so far.  All I wanted to do was lie down and die, but if I had sat down I doubt I would have been able to get back up for a long time!
So I had two glucose tablets and trudged on.

Now that I'm home, I've had some dinner and am just chilling in me chair for a while.

Signing off now... catch  ya tomorrow.


  1. What an arsehole, he should be returning your call! MIght be a case of asking what time he will be there and getting in there...or calling fair trading!

  2. Make sure next time he makes an appointment time so you can be there.

  3. lol on the leg! Damn it's always something isn't it with the stuff you buy.

  4. Kiwi on holiday3:32 PM

    Hope pool all sorted seeing all the lovely pictures of the group all seem to have so much fun.

    Enjoy the day

  5. Kiwionholidays3:36 PM

    New device so test to see its working


  6. I tried on a new device to send a message Dont know if it will work though.

    Fab pics of all the walks love to see them so please keep posting them. You look like a happy group and lots of inspiration for all of us here atm

    I am sure the pool will be worked out soon and by the weekend swims should be on the agenda (smiles) and hop they are for you all.


  7. That runner is so gorgeous 😍

  8. Wow, that is one long runner! It would look amazing down a long table at Christmas time. I wonder if she can photograph it for you to see how it looks when the table is all set up?

  9. Sugar lows so suck lucky u had glucose lollies on hand I keep couple of sugar sachets in my pocket for same reason .

  10. The table runner is wonderful. I am glad you always have those glucose things on you! Can't wait to hear about the leaky pool!

  11. Well that runner is stunning Chris. I love it. Glad you were prepared and had tabs with you.

  12. That runner is gorgeous!


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