Tuesday, November 20, 2018


After being a totally lazy tart yesterday... I am not sitting on me bum  today!

I plan on going into Hamilton and doing the last of the Christmas shopping.  I want it all done and dusted before December!

I really don't have much left to do, bar the wrapping, and I'm gunna get that done soon too.
I just need Stew to get all the Christmas stuff down from the attic.
I might even be tempted to get the tree up earlier than usual too!

Now, I totally forgot the walk photo from last night:

ABOVE:  It's the first one where I feel I look like a 'normal' person!    Not huge.  Not the biggest.  Just one of the girls.
This photo made me happy.
Even though I was feeling like crap.

I have another walk on tonight too.  IN fact, I have a walk every day this week!
And I HATE WALKING!   Crazy eh?

I'm doing it because a.  I need to get regular exercise and b.  I love the company!

This group has made such a difference to how I feel on a day to day basis.  It's WONDERFUL having so many lovely friends here in Cambridge.

Right, enough blithering... I'm going to get a move on and head into town.  

OMG... the pool has arrived in Hamilton. I will be picking it up tomorrow! 
I will need to use Stew's car as mine is too small.
I'd do it today... except Stew's in Rotorua today. *sigh*


WOW what an excellent morning!
Brylee and I got all the Christmas shopping done!
And then we swung by Para Rubber to see if we could fit at least ONE of the pool boxes in my car.

ABOVE:  And we did!   
AND... Kelly is picking up the other two this afternoon and bringing them out too.  
So, tomorrow (all going well) Stew is taking the afternoon off and he can assemble it!

We MIGHT just have it up and running by the weekend!  Might not be warm enough to get in it, but hey... I can start putting the garden/plants around it at least.

Now I'm going to sort out the Christmas presents AGAIN.  I'm sure there are no gaps now.

Tonight's walk was in doubt for a while... we had a big thunder/lightening storm come though this afternoon... but luckily it was over by 7 pm.
So the walk went ahead, and it was really lovely and cool tonight!  Griffin joined us again too.

ABOVE:  We saw this amazing seat outside a home and asked the home owners for permission to pose with it... and they said yes.  AND they took the photo for us too.

Got home in time to have some dinner, then wrap up in a blanket to warm up again.  It's certainly cooler right now!


  1. Lol not pool weather here icy cold rain for couple days, bit I too will be grumbling about the heat soon

  2. You look amazing in that photo. Hoping you feel better today.

  3. How exciting, hopefully this yuck weather doesn't last too long so you can use your new pool.

    The walking is great for your weight & mental health, having a good group of friends is also vital for good mental health, this has been reinforced to me over the last couple of months :-).

  4. :) :) the look on Griffin's face!!

  5. I love reading your blog everyday! I'm a 74 y.o. retired RN and your wonderful energy always gives me a lift, and lots of laughs, too! I live in the US so we are going into our winter really early it seems...it's okay, I like winter. :) But I am loving reading about your "pool adventures"....You're going to have a great summer! I really congratulate you, and Stew, for all you both are doing to be healthy...and it is really paying off!! You look fabulous! Keep it going...I know you will! We are celebrating Thanksgiving this week here...It's always a lovely time for gathering with family and friends. Wishing you and yours a great week! (In the pool...you lucky dogs!) :)

  6. I need a walking group! I miss running, need to just put on my shoes and go do it.

  7. Wow Chris I think Griffin is putting your weight loss in his shoes. He would be a great basketball player.

  8. Really it's amazing seat!Nice.


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