Sunday, November 04, 2018


It's Sunday and we are taking the day off.

And heading over to Tauranga to spend the day with our friends Jacqui and Martyn.

I want to give them the Red and Gold Tree Table Runner I made for them, there's no point it sitting in my sewing room any longer!

BRYLEE'S TOES:  Update on them is, they are coming along very well.

ABOVE:  The one on the left (which is her right toe), is still fairly sore, but nowhere near as much.  It really only hurts when she takes the plasters off and soaks it in saline solution.  Last night it was stuck to the plaster and it hurt getting it off.

Silly girl didn't think to soak it first to help the plaster come off!  Next time she will I'm sure.  *smiles*

So, in all I'm happy with how they look.  Not infected, which is the main thing of course.

Sewing progress:  I got HEAPS done this week!  7 Table runners.  And yesterday I got these done too:

ABOVE:  These placemats are half done already.
No one ask for the French Bulldog!  He's already sold.

 ABOVE:  Six cat placemats FINISHED!  (There's two of each there).

ABOVE: And there's two of these EXTRA large coffee table/kitchen bench/dresser? placemats too.  

So as you can see, I've been busy!  And that's why we are taking a break today.
My back is killing me and the only way to stop sewing is to leave the house.  lol

I cooked some corned beef in the crock pot yesterday, and we are going to take it, along with some other cold meats, breads, tomatoes, cheese slices etc, with us to Tauranga, so lunch is sorted.  Should be lovely.

And that's a 'wrap' for now.

Off to start the day.


2 pm: and we've had a lovely lunch with our friends. 
It's blowing a gale over here! And fairly cold too. Everyone has gone for a walk but not me ... I'm not in a walking mood.

So I'm watching tv with Joel...their 14 yr old son.
Where is everyone? Taking a break? Ha ha ha.

5 pm:  And we are home, just in time for Brylee to grab a bite to eat before heading off to work.

I put the makings of Spag Bol in the crock pot, to cook while we were out.  I'd not done Spag Bol in the crock pot before, and it's worked by the look of it.  Neat.

I took NO PHOTOS TODAY!   I said I was taking a break eh?  Well... looks like I really did!

Jacqui twisted my arm and made me try an herbal tea, sweetened with Stevia.
AND the tart took photos to PROVE I drank it:

ABOVE: Nice cup.  The drink?  So-so.... it tasted like flavoured water really, and let's get real... I DON'T DRINK WATER! lol

So... probably won't be buying any for myself.  Good try though Jacqui.  *smiles*

I'm probably not going to be doing much this evening as well.... really just want to blob out and do nothing.

And do nothing  I have!  I watched a movie on Netflix!  Awesome.  And now I'm probably watching another.  *smiles*
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. good on u having a break you work like an Ox and often sunday harder than other days with your markets so u deserve a break chick x

  2. Loving seeing some felines in the mix :)

  3. Lacy Harvey3:15 PM

    Ello 😊

  4. Oh My! The toes are looking fabulous! And so is the sewing!

  5. I just LOVE the cat placemats and if it didn't cost so much to do an international money exchange I'd totally buy 4 of them!!

  6. Well done on the tablemats, they look fantastic!


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