Friday, November 16, 2018


I don't have a site for the Tamahere Market on Saturday.

And knowing how it works, I probably won't have one for December either.

Cos the 'regular' stall holders don't do the cold winter months, but all come flooding back when it's the more profitable summer markets eh? 

Oh my god I'm livid.  I have worked my arse off getting my stock ready for NOTHING.  So damn annoyed right now.  I found out late last night that I wouldn't get a site... 36 hours notice. 

There has been heaps going on at the end of our road... well it seemed like heaps!
Lots of trucks, tractors, graders and so on.
They turned a private farm road into a 'proper' road:

ABOVE:  Before

ABOVE:  After

ABOVE:  Before

 ABOVE:  After

It looks like they have done all they plan on doing... for now.

It's taken a couple of months for them to add about 500 metres of road!

So today... I'm just going to relax here at home and feel bloody crabby about no market tomorrow.
I'm really, really pissed off.


9 am:  And I'm so cranky I decided to go for an FBG walk at 9.30. 

ABOVE:  My $240 New Balance sneakers are stuffed. Falling to bits, with friggin HOLES in them even.  After only one season of walking.  So last night I put me old skechers on (the white ones), and walked in them, same again this morning.
No problems at all!
So guess what?

I'm never paying $240 for sneakers again!  From now on I will be buying me Skechers for $80, and walking in them.  If they die after 6 months, well I can buy me some more, it will still be cheaper than the New Balance ones.

Which by the way, have been falling apart for MONTHS!  Not impressed with them at all.

So.  I get home from me walk this morning (and a nice morning tea with the girls too) and head out the back to get me solar powered keyboard out of the sun... and bugger me!

There's an outdoor setting on me back patio!

And I'm like, ummmm.... that ain't mine!  Who put that there?

ABOVE:  It's quite a nice setting an all... but surely whoever delivered it got the wrong address!

I'm thinking it was supposed to be delivered to the neighbour's over our back fence.  Our street number is *8, and their's is *8A.   We sometimes get their mail by mistake too.

So... when Craig gets home from work tonight, I will ask him if he's missing some outdoor furniture!  lol

ONE.  HOUR.   LATER...  KNOCK KNOCK .... and there's a bloke at me front door, holding a yellow slip of paper.

I can see him from where I'm sitting, so I yell out :

"Oh no!  Don't tell me you've come to take away me lovely new patio furniture!"

And he laughs his head off.

Seems the previous owners of this house had ordered it, and asked for it to be left on their back deck.  And the shop where they bought it from only had their old address.  Hence it got delivered here.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  And it's 'Bye bye' to the furniture.  Bit of a laugh for the day if nothing else.

1.20 pm:  Waiting for some chicken nibbles to cook in the oven for me lunch.  Brylee is out on a Driving Lesson.  Griffin is at work.

So just me and the dogs.

And I am cleaning the stove top/kitchen wall behind the bins (bloody pigs in this house!)... and folding some washing that's been sitting in the basket for WEEKS... I kid you not!   Just sitting there... begging to be folded and put away.

Not one of my strong points.  Stew usually caves and does it, but something tells me he has dug his toes in and decided he ain't gunna do it.  The shit.

Like... he ONLY works all day right?  Pffffft.


ABOVE:  One of the nicest walk photos taken this year I reckon!  And YES, we were on the road, completely blocking it in fact.  
OK... it's a very quiet road, hardly any traffic... we were safe!

Brylee just saw it and said "Wow are you even smiling??? Yes you are! "  lol

It's now 1/4 to 4 and I've started dinner prep.  Chicken/potato/tomato bake.  Should be yummy.

Going on another walk tonight, 7 pm.  It's a longer one than this morning.  This morning's was only an half hour walk.  Almost doesn't count... but I suppose they all add up as exercise eh. 

ABOVE:  Goodness knows what 'pose' this was supposed to be!  Whatever... another one done and dusted again.   Lovely cool evening for a walk.

Home now and Stew and I will probably be watching a movie on Netflix before bed.


  1. Not fair at all. I hope you have them an earful!
    So much hard work and those bowl holders are beautiful.

  2. That is bad organisation. 36 hours. I feel disappointed too.

  3. Sorry to hear abiut the market, surely if you have done the winter months you are a regular and should have a spot!! The bowl holders look great.

    1. I've only done two winter markets there, so still not A REGULAR ... so I have to stand aside for when regulars want to come back and do the summer markets! NOT FAIR.

  4. That is ridiculous! Whatever you are selling that is way too short notice. I don't blame you for being angry xx

  5. That sucks, it should be that if you don't do a stall then you go to the bottom of the list again, not just pick & choose the best months. Can you team up with another smallholder & share space?

    1. I don't know anyone else who does the market out there sadly.

  6. That is so unfair of the market organisers and incredibly poor organisational skills. I hope you lay a complaint with them. Are there any other markets coming up that you can take part in leading up to Christmas - I know schools etc often have Christmas craft fairs over November/early December.

    1. I've spent quite a bit of time ringing and emailing other markets, to no avail. Everyone is booked out.

  7. Anonymous11:37 AM

    That sounds terrible...can you be on the cancellation list? or put your things with another stall holder? if you know anyone?


    1. I am on the cancellation list already. *sigh*

  8. Damn about the market. About your shoes they only last about six months for runners do a year would be about right. When getting Skechers make sure you get the walking ones and not the memory foam. I was told this the other week when I got some :)

  9. Contact the supplier re the shoes. Sometimes if they show unreasonable wear and tear they'll replace/refund them. I've had it with a couple pairs of shoes now.

    Also, try folding the washing as you get it off the line. It can stay in the basket or where, but then it doesn't get crushed, and it's done :)

  10. O Poo! I am So disappointed about that dumb market. Is there anyway you could set up a stand at your driveway and advertise on facebook or do you have some kind of local swap notice online. We have some local Facebook groups where we can advertise stuff. Or maybe a small shop in town would agree to letting you set up for a small fee?
    I have never been impressed with New Balance shoes.
    Isn't it amazing how that "Laundry Fairy" always seems to go to the wrong house??? Looks like you almost had a "Furniture Fairy" - lol

  11. Too bad about the market. Hope you find another venue to sell your wares. Have a lovely weekend.


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