Tuesday, November 13, 2018


It's a 'No Walk Day' today.

Which is good as I have Card night on tonight!
Looking forward to that.

Then Wed/Thur and Friday nights I have walks on ... so one night off this week.

I plan on sewing this morning... then at 1 pm the dogs go to the groomer.

On our walk last night I took a couple of photos:

 ABOVE:  Cambridge has some beautiful scenery!  The sun was very low in the sky at 7.45 pm when I took this photo, the long shadows and trees were really pretty.

ABOVE: This is a long row of flats... each flat has it's own gate and number.  

 ABOVE:  Their gates and numbers are so nice.  Clearly the landlord takes pride in his property.

I wish I remembered to take more photos of things like this on our walks!  

So... let's start the day!  Looking forward to getting more Soup Bowl Cosy's done today.


LOL....  I couldn't help myself... I stayed up just a bit later than planned last night and made another Soup Bowl Cosy.  I'd had this particular one's fabric cut out for MONTHS... and really wanted to see how it would look finished.

ABOVE:  Such a pretty fabric... and I'm not a fan of RED... but it's so lovely!

1.30 pm:  And sheesh!  I was happily sewing away just before and decided to stop for some lunch.  
It was 10 to 1.  And I remembered the dogs were due at the groomers at 1 pm! 
Whoops! So Griffin helped me get them in the car and there on time.  

Now I've just finished lunch and am watching my latest series on Netflix:  'Orange is the New Black'.  I'm really enjoying it.

Once my phone has finished charging I can go back into the sewing room and sew/watch Netflix!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I got these three finished this morning... So I should get another 4 or so done by the end of the day.  Maybe.

Let's not forget I have Cards tonight!

9.30 pm:  Home from Card night, and  A TRIFECTA for me!  I lost again... that's three in a row.
Maybe I will break that run next time.

It's been a super hot day today, and now?  It's pissing down and cooled down nicely.
Thank goodness!

Time to just relax for a while.  

ABOVE: Our Card night photo!  'B' took a 'selfie' on my phone... so she gets the 'Clown' award!  lol


  1. That red one sure is pretty. Thanks for taking pics of your area those things mean a lot esp the top pic thats postcard worthy!!!

    Love the way that landlord cares for the properties as well.... Makes a rental look and feel like a home.. and the numbers !!Awesome!! Well they take the cake for me !! Loving them

    Cheers and enjoy the cards tonight...

  2. The soup bowl holders are such a cool idea!! I might have to commission me some of them in time for next winter :-)

  3. Hi Chris, I was in a craft show on Saturday and there was a lady selling the same soup bowl cozies. She said she was asked many times for different sizes because she was selling them as microwave bowl holders and people wanted larger bowl sizes. Just a thought for you.

    1. Thanks for that Janice, I have thought of making bigger ones... so probably shall at some point.

  4. have a lovely evening out

  5. Love my soup bowl cosy. Use it every day for my bowl of oats at breakfast. I'm sure they will sell fast. good luck at cards.

  6. Lacy Harvey9:42 PM

    lol love the 'clown pic' 😊😊😊😊👌

  7. Clown pic reminds me of lacy.. when shes had s couple.. lol


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