Monday, November 19, 2018


So, I'm sitting in me lounge chair yesterday afternoon.  And the door is open behind me, letting in a lovely cool breeze.  Cos it's a damn hot afternoon.

ONLY... I'm in a massive draft and I'm COLD!  And as EVERYONE knows, I really don't like being cold.  Especially when I'm sitting relaxing in me lounge chair.

So I suggested to Stew that we try moving shit around a bit.

Now this is a bit of an undertaking, cos we have to position things JUST RIGHT.... so we can still see the TV easily from most of the lounge furniture (for visitors sakes), and have room for me lap top and access to power points and so on.

But after nutting it out for a little while, we got it done:

ABOVE:  Yep it works well!  And it didn't even take that long to do.

Now ... today?  Well it's my big 'clean the house' day.  So I will be doing some floor washing, tidying, bla bla bla.
And I might start sorting out Christmas presents, check where I have gaps.
Only giving gifts to grandkids this year ... the 'big' kids will be lucky to get a box of chocolates!  lol

With any luck we will hear from Para Rubber about the arrival of the pool this week!  Exciting.

Now.... I'm gunna get outta bed and start the day.


11 am:  Awesome!  I've only got a few little gaps in the Christmas gifts.  So I might go out today and get that sorted, and pick up a prescription from the chemist.

It's a weird day, we've had rain and it was cold, and now the sun is coming out and it's getting all humid and shitty.

I'm going to get on the scales soon... expecting a little loss...

LOST .700 grams.  *sigh*... slow and steady I suppose.

Been down town and got pills for Griffin.  Was SO SO tempted to stop at a coffee shop and buy something evil... like cake/club sandwiches.
But I didn't.  Don't know why I didn't really.  Cos I'm feeling a bit crabby.

5 pm:  and this has to of been the laziest day THIS YEAR. Seriously.  I've done nothing.
I put a load of washing on this morning, but that's pretty much 'it'.

I've just felt totally blah.  Sat and watched TV.  
Just took some outgrown clothes down to the local Weight Watchers meeting, hopefully someone there will want them.

Now I have to sort out dinner for the family before I go for me FBG walk tonight. I need to get off me bum!

Well.... almost didn't go on my walk tonight.  I had a massive 'low' hit me just before I was due to leave for the walk.
So I had a glucose tablet then left (Griffin came with me).
I really struggled to keep going and a couple of times I was tempted to just sit down on the side of the road and wait for someone to take me back to my car after the walk!

But I did finally start to feel a bit better after the 4 km mark.  

I tested my blood when I got home.  3.8!  Way too low.  So I have had some ice cream and chocolate sauce!  That should fix me.  lol

I loved it too... nice to have a treat after so very long of not having anything like that!

The temperature has been dropping all day, and we are expecting a cold night... which would explain why I'm FREEZING!  

I'm going to watch some TV for a while, then head off to bed.  Catch you tomorrow.


  1. fresh snow on the mountain and heavy hail now after strong wind over night

  2. you crack me up with your furniture moving!!! Our architect designed our house with furniture placement included so we could never change unfortunately!!!!! Christy x

    1. I would still move stuff around! No way could I live in a house and NEVER move the furniture around sometimes. I'm sure you could move stuff around if you REALLY WANTED TO!

  3. Well done on the weight loss and not stopping at the coffee shop

  4. Wow, I LOVE the new move! That is lovely. If only you could "clone" Stew and send him my way. Sigh! and giggle.

  5. Love the way you can change with the way your lounge etc is designed .. Good for you guys ,(not all places have the walls in the right place etc (smiles).. They say a change is as good as a holiday so consider it a Mini Holiday

    Even 700 g is a loss so well done you .. Willpower not to cake and FBG walks are gr8 as well (an added bonus)

    Love the fact that in 2 weeks,,, you probs will have pool up and running .. Will be loads of summer fun for you all there


  6. I've not moved my furniture in 16 years. I couldn't think of any other way to have it and we love the way it is now. Oh, I did have to move it when we got new carpet but it went back exactly the same :) I do change cushions and stuff though.

  7. I was watching a show called Paramedics Australia and they were taking care of a woman who’s blood sugar had dropped to 3.8. It is extremely dangerous to have blood sugar so low, they took her to hospital and were treating her in the Ambulance with medication. I don’t want to tell you what to do Chris, but if you feel unwell, maybe rest up and look after yourself please.

    1. Thank you for your concern chick.... I've been lower than that before though. Yes, I will take care... I just needed to eat a bit more obviously. It's all a balancing act and usually I have it under control.

  8. Once I get Trevor's bed out of the living room I'm so going to buy new furniture


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