Sunday, November 25, 2018


Today's forecast is for rain.  LOTS and LOTS of rain.
And that will suit us perfectly.

Our pool is 2/3rds full and if it rains heaps it will save us a bit of money filling it.

It will be interesting to see what our next water bill will be, that's for sure.  At least we only really need to fill it once!

I doubt we will empty it over winter, just keep it covered and filtered so it doesn't go green.

So today.... Griffin is out all day.  So it's just Stew, Brylee and I home.

Not sure what we will get up to today.  It's a bit weird not having masses of sewing to do!
What did I do all day before I sewed all the time eh?

Maybe we can go into Hamilton and post my parcels?  Have a nice lunch.  Wander around the shops.  Let's wait and see.


Just remembered... I've got the FBG Christmas get together this afternoon too.  I'm getting picked up at around 3pm by my friend Sue.  I'm talking my trestle tables out to the 'venue', which is one of the FBG's home out in the country.  We need the tables for the food.

I'm sure we are going to have a lovely time.  It's only an afternoon thing, so I expect to be home by dinner time.

ABOVE: Yeah.... still in bed. Can now see a pool from me bed. A pool with a dripping hose connection.... dammit. Stew has to sort that out today.

Well I did get outta bed... and then we went into Hamilton and got me parcels posted off to Australia.
Then lunch at the foodcourt and came home.

Got me face on, a 15 year old dress and I'm ready to  head off to the FBG Christmas 'do'.
More of an afternoon tea really.

NO COMMENTS!  Really does make me think I should just post Mon - Fri, everyone is too busy to read stoopid blogs on the weekend.
I know I don't read any!  

The pool filter hose is still leaking badly.  Hoping the Para Rubber manager can sort it out for us... we called in and asked about it this afternoon, but the girl in the shop couldn't help.
So fingers crossed that issue gets sorted this coming week.

Right I better go, I'm picking up Sue now, as the trestle tables fit better in our station wagon.

7.30 pm:   And our FBG Christmas 'do' was just lovely!
Heaps of girls turned up, and we had a really neat time.  Played some games/quiz's, and pass the parcel.  Lots of fun.

 ABOVE: The main room at our Hostess's home.  She runs a BnB out at Bruntwood, an amazingly beautiful home.  STUNNING in fact.

 ABOVE:  We couldn't have an FBG event without a PURPLE cake!

 ABOVE:  My neighbour and fellow FBG Hayley and I... trying to get a nice 'selfie'.  

ABOVE:  Me enjoying a quiet moment on the outside swing seat.  My 'dress'... more of a tunic I suppose.  I love it of course cos it's blue.  *smiles*

So thankful I didn't get rid of all my smaller clothes, cos I'd be wearing the same two outfits  right now if I had.

ABOVE: before I go for the night... this is the outfit I wore to the FBG christmas party.  It's the same as a black and white one I have worn recently.  Got them both in Palmerston North over 15 years ago!

And now... it's off to bed for me.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I am here and reading, love your life seems as crazy as ours

  2. At least the extra rain is going to good use (smiles)

    Para Rubber are usually good,to deal with so hope it gets sorted tomorrow,,,

    ,, we bought a pool that size,,, well over 35 years ago ,,similar system,, and then had it done as an inground with tiling round and decking and a Spanish arched wall, like rendered finish, around it with a nice gate (smiles )

    Trendy back in the day lol and loadsa cool swims in summer !!

    I know you ones will enjoy

    Take care


  3. I am reading, too,' don’t stop on the weekends. Here in the USA it is also a holiday weekend, but I still read every day, will you be sharing a pic of you in this dress? Hope you can get the leaky filter sorted out. At least it is brand new and must have a warranty of some sort.

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I read every single day but don't always have anything to say!! Keep it up!!!

  5. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Hope you have a great afternoon.
    Have had our 4 month old grand son here for the weekend, he will be back for Christmas :-)

  6. I always just catch up when I have time. I have like 3 people that comment on my blog lol

  7. Your post office opens on a Sunday? Wow!!! Hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea with the FBGs.

  8. Sounds like your afternoon was a hoot .I've been on a tour of houses decorated for Christmas. Amazing .it will be an early night

  9. Glad to hear you had a wonderful afternoon.
    Love you outfit, the blue really suits you.

  10. Cute outfit! I love the cake! It's looks so charming. You look great in BOTH of those photos BTW!

  11. Those colours really suit you. Great looking clothes even after 15 years. Great looking bod!

  12. I read your posts everyday but dont always have time to comment. I love the cake. And Chris you look amazing. I have a deadline now so I have to zip up and get moving.

  13. Trish in NJ9:20 AM

    You look fantastic in blue. And your necklaces are beautiful. I'm a daily reader every day and I usually go back to the prior day so I can read your update.


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